Going to the beach

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I was getting ready to go to the beach when I herd my phone go off Clair had sent me a pic of her bathing sout and I was gorg mine was whit and had this fish net thing at the top (pic at the top) I put my whit sun dress over it and grabbed my keys and was out the door I stopped at to taco bell and got a large Pepsi and drake it on the way... When I got there she was already Parke there was a cute boy walking but I got out and ran to her we havint seen each othin in two years I jumped in her arms I herd the boy behind us say"I could watch this alday" I laghted at what he had said but I ternd around and he was gone " come on girls let's go"said Clair running ford the beach... It was 7:50 and it was getting dark and I said my Goodbys and left when I got home I got a call from brat.

                    Nash POV

      Me and cam were going to the beach and when we got there we ware walking and all the sudin the was this blond girl with a whit sun dress she was really skinny so skinny you could tell and she was running fast as hell she had to be at least 18 and when I looked back she was in a a girls arms and I looked a came ho couldnt stop looking at them and all the sudin he says "I could watch this all day" I hit him in the arm I could here that she was lahing. She seemed pretty cool.

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