Meeting the Bart

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    I was in my room reading me book when my mom called me down,"Tristan come down for a sec there is someone here to meet you," I herd my mom say this is going to be interesting.

I walked down the 2 story stairs because my room is at the very top, "what is it mom," she moved out of the way to show a man that at least looked in his 30 and he looked at me and begain to speak,"hello, you are the very famas Tristan sagely aren't you" "yes" well I got big news for you, you are going to be with the magcon group on there tour," wait hold on is not the people of magcon  like split up and all that stuff"I said kinda confused "well ya but that thout it would be fun to do It again and I said yes so are you going to do it or not, it will be fun and you will get paid" "okay I will do it only because I need the money,and one qiten do I get my own room"he looked at me and said "no," I looked at him with a puzzld  look "well the thing is we all have to share a room because they get in a lot of troldel a lot but I proimis you will not get in trouble for anything," "okay when will I be leaving" "in a couple of days I will tell you or call you what's your number" I gave him my number and he left and at that time my best friend calles," hey what are you doing and do you want to co to the beach tomorrow with me and Clair " (a/n Alexis and Clair are tristans best friends and Jessie and Hanna are her sister) "ya shore, I haven't seen you in so long I  will meet you ther" I said and she was so happy "okay love you"  love you to good night" and with that the call ended.

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