8: It's Only Illegal If You Get Caught

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"Looks like I'll have to do this the old fashion way," She murmured to herself as she grabbed the letter opener from the desk.

Jack heard her speak, glancing up. "Do what the old fashion—? Hey! Wait, you can't just—"

A loud creak blocked out Jack's demand as the lock gave way. V.C. winced at the sound but luckily, Mr. Jameson didn't hear.

She quieted Jack's protests, "Oh, hush. It's not a big deal."

Expiring a blow of air, Jack said, "What did I tell you? Come on," He motioned with his hand and went to grab his cuffs. "I can't stand by and watch you break into private property."

"Actually, it's not private property, it belongs to the firm and the owner let us in. . . so technically—" She stooped down and dropped to her knees behind the desk. "Not illegal."

V.C. grabbed the handle and pulled. This time, it gave way and slid open.

When she saw the inside, her eyebrows raised.

Piles upon piles of prescriptions bottles lined the bottom. "You're gonna want to take a look at this."

Jack circled the furniture to examine the contents. "What the—" He soon forgot all about V.C's indiscretions as he picked up a bottle and read the label. "Coumadin. . . ?"

V.C. was busy looking through all the other bottles but absentmindedly said, "It's an anticoagulant. . . like a blood thinner. Usually, for patients after a major surgery. All of these are prescriptions for it; they go back years."

"Why would he have them?"

"I dunno, maybe he had a heart condition or something. Any number of diseases could call for blood thinners."

Clark Jameson paused in his conversation with his secretary and glanced her way. Leaping up, V.C. kicked the drawer closed, pasting an innocent look upon her features.

Her eyes slid to the file cabinets hugging the wall. All of Mr. Emblem's client information was housed in those drawers.

Maybe if she got Jack to distract Jameson. . .?

No— scratch that— that would never work. Not even in an alternate dimension.

"Are you all set, my dear?" Mr. Jameson's gravely voice filled the office as he addressed V.C. and Jack, breaking her out of her devious planning.

Bouncing forward, V.C. sent him another smile and rounded the desk. "Yes, of course. Thank you for letting us look around!"

She exited, Jack nipping at her heels. Standing outside in the hallway, V.C. watched as Clark locked the door once, and then checked the latch to make sure it really was closed.

Obviously very thorough.

Annoyingly thorough.

Bidding them goodbye and handing them over to his receptionist, Clark Jameson hobbled down the hallway, his cane striking the floor with an odd rhythm.

At the sight of Jack, the woman smoothed her hair and straightened her pencil skirt. "I'll be happy to show you to the elevators, Commander."

He flashed his captivating smile at her, dimples and all. "Thank you, ma'am, I would appreciate that."

The woman blushed a fiery red and briskly walked down the hallways towards the elevator

V.C. rolled her eyes and followed the woman, looking over her shoulder to wink at Jack. "Be careful with that one, Rhodes, she's already planning your wedding."

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