The Hunger

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She woke up on a hard surface, with her head on his chest. She had no idea how she got there, or where she was. Her blue eyes were wide with worry, not knowing which time it was whatsoever. She was lying on the floor of an empty passenger train car, with two other men. The unconscious one she was lying on, and another semi-conscious one sitting in one of the seats on the other side. It was day out there, the sky was pure blue with only a few fluffy white clouds lingering through the blue.

The train was going at high speed through the woods, the only thing visible from the floor of the car were the tip of the green pine trees. Squinting her eyes, the girl gathered all her energy and got up from off the floor, and sat down on the nearest seat. The soft grey material caressed her exposed thighs. Tiny jean shorts barely covered her buttock, and black military boots covered her feet and part of her calf. A thin black zip-up hoodie with buckles and studs covered her upper-body. Her shoulder-length black hair was perfectly straight and in place despite being passed out. Her thick little lips were covered in faded plum lipstick, contrasting with her extremely pale skin.

"Hey there," the other semi-awake young man greeted her.

"Hello," she replied in her Italian accent.

"I'm Steven," he said in a friendly, gentle voice.

"Ana," she replied, grinning a little bit and making the best of the situation.

"So I assume you have no idea how we got here...."

"No, sorry Steve, I don't have a clue. How long have you been awake?"

"Not very long, I woke up fifteen minutes or so before you."

"And who is this guy?" she asked, shooting a glance at the man on the floor.

He was quite tall, slightly built, short light brown-blondish hair, wearing a pine green shirt underneath a leather jacket and some black pants. He was still unconscious, and nobody knew how they ended up on the train.

"I don't know," Steven replied, "I had barely noticed him there. I don't know where we are or how we got here."

"Neither do I, and most of all, why is it just the three of us? I mean, if America was being bombed there ought to be more people on the train!"

As soon as she spoke in her angel voice, the man on the floor woke up. He was dazed, and his head was sore, but he sat up and looked around just as Ana and Steven had done upon their awakening. He was tantalized by one of the first things he saw, Ana's bare legs. He looked at them in wonder for a moment before rubbing his dark hazel eyes. He wanted them, he wanted her. He got up and sat across from her on the seat, not taking his eyes off her beautiful long legs, one crossed over the other as she sat there staring intently out the window.

"What's your name?" Steven asked him.

The man looked in direction of the youth with wonder. The young man with an all-American accent and long black hair pushed back out of his dark brown eyes was wearing a green plaid shirt, kinda like the one he used to wear as a child. His long slim legs wore torn blue jeans and his feet were covered with old suede boots.

"Jeremy," the older man replied in a scratchy yet tender voice.

"I'm Steven," he replied.

"Ana," she added, grinning at him, noticing his wonder for her legs.

"So, is this heaven?" Jeremy laughed.

"No," Ana grinned at him, "we have no idea where we are or how we got here."

"But I sure like what I see!" he smiled wickedly at the girl.

She flashed her perfect white teeth at him as she crossed her legs, taunting him. He took in a sharp breath, trying to resist the temptation Ana had just imposed on him. She tilted her head back, exposing her throat and closing her eyes. Come here and bite me her body language told him. She then sat up on the headrest of the seat, she was doing this purposely to distract Jeremy, not that there was much to focus on in the first place.

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