Chapter 23- Nefelibata

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Quote of the day: "What if today was your last day on earth? Who would you spend it with?"

-Munich, Germany

Avelyn Perez

-Cabrera Annual Ball


It seemed the only thing to release the pressure. The burn. The tension.

Overseeing the castle was a drawbridge, thick slabs of wood stuck together on a platform, dropping to reveal a pathway seen in the walkway to Heaven. Light fixtures hung over the grey rocky path leading to the chestnut double doors of the mansion.

The castle was designed by French architect, Edgar Cabrera. The man had a passion for designing and was one of the best French architects known in Europe.

The smooth walls tinted in macaroon cream lined with oatmeal white border, elongated windows lined with oatmeal white panes pillars and protruding balcony on the second floor and grey slated tiles on the roof. Green shrubs lined the border of the wall on the floor; a mix of Bells of Ireland, Viburnum, Leptospermum, Amaranthus and Orchids...a mix of green, white, fuschia pink and lilac.

A few feet away from me was a fountain in the midst of the pathway leading up to the steps of the French masterpiece.

I looked at either side and saw honourable guests, possible prime ministers, presidents and royals. World renown personals with their arm candy on their left. Elegant gowns sashayed beside crisp suits...the clicking of heels was heard amongst the soft murmuring from the arriving guests.

Sucking in a deep breath, ridding my mind of thoughts and taking a look at my dress, I took the first step towards those steps...towards those thick wooden doors guarded by men in fine grey suits.

Well would you look at that, Avelyn...forty-eight more and you'd have yourself Fifty Shades of Grey.

I smiled softly at the passers-by who managed to catch my eye from their stares.

"Ah! Avelyn Perez!" I looked in the direction of whoever called my name. I saw the once familiar man, Mr Truncabead, approaching me holding at arm's length a blonde woman.

Wow...she's my age...and Mr Truncabead- woo, sir...get your freak one!

I snapped from my thoughts and smiled at the pair before me, extending a hand to Mr Truncabead.

"Mr Truncabead, lovely to see you and who's the beautiful young lady next to you?"

Mr Truncabead burst into a thick laughter and gestured to the woman next to him. "This is my fine date, Maria Carrington...Maria, this is Avelyn Perez. She's currently the best in interior designing and works for Elliot Incorporate".

I shook hands with Maria. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Avelyn...can I call you Avelyn?"

"The pleasure is mine and by all means, you can", I managed to converse with them for a few minutes before Mr Truncabead excused himself to speak to another guest.

I graciously bid them farewell and made my way to the end of the ballroom, close to a window which extended to a balcony. Observing the layout of the room, it was quite spacious and provided the luxury of vintage décor.

The walls were in a cream and gold gloss finish, thick pillars holding up with floors which were exposed and the blue and gold intricate staircase leading up to the massive ballroom floors packed with esteemed guests.

"Care to indulge in a glass of champagne, madam?"

I stopped admiring the décor and design and gave the waiter in a grey suit my attention. It seemed that all the workers at the estate were attired in grey suits.

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