Chapter 2

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After showering and getting dressed, I managed to get in me a slice of leftover pizza from two nights ago. I quickly ate it and grabbed my things when the horn of a car sounded from outside. Saying a final farewell to Tigger and placing a key under the mat for Ruth, I locked my door and lugged my things down the dim staircase and out into the cool night.

Kera rushed out of the taxi to take my luggage as Maya gracefully got out after her. Maya’s long orange shirt fluttered in the breeze over a pair of white skinny jeans, setting off her creamy brown skin to where it glowed. Her hair was held in a stylish messy bun, wisps of dark curls framed her oval face. She was the exact opposite of her sport inclined wife who was wearing multi colored sport leggings and a black windbreaker over a black tank top.

Maya's dark smoky eyes locked with mine as she came over to capture my hands in hers, she inclined her head toward me and whispered,

“Are you okay?”

I took a deep breath and nodded, squeezing hands, “I will be. Once I see Felix.”

My eyes darted to Kera's lean muscular form as she tried placing my luggage in the trunk, sans help of the cab driver who refused to get out from behind the wheel. Kera muttered something under her breath as she pushed her chin length curls from her face before stuffing my carry on bag in. I felt moved to help her but the squeezing of my hands had my eyes darting back to Maya’s face. Her lips twisted into a half smile, disbelief shown in her eyes. Maya opened her mouth to speak, but the sound of the trunk slamming shut cut her off.

“Okay then. All packed” Kera said, voice light. She came over to us with a skip in her step and slung an arm around Maya's shoulders, flashing us a wide smile which showcased perfectly white teeth against darkened skin. “Let's get going.”  Her voice was tinged with a british accent.

Maya flashed me a look saying our conversation wasn't over yet before turning to Kera, “Sure thing.”

Kera leaned down and pressed her lips against Maya's in a quick kiss before stepping toward the opened door of the taxi tugging Maya with her, “Come on. Elisa you can take the passenger seat.”

I let Maya's hands slip from mine as heat rose to my cheeks at their public display of affection. I went over to open the passenger door, turning my face from them to hide my blush.

“No problem.” I said before slipping into the leather seat and shutting the door. A snicker from the back seat had my eyes snapping to the rearview mirror and locking gazes with vibrant blue eyes.

“Someone afraid of catching cooties?” Kera asked lightly. I rolled my eyes with a smirk and looked out the window as I buckled up.

“Learn something from the kids now, did we Kera?”

“Oh, hush your mouth before I come up there and suffocate you with my hair!”

I chuckled and blow a raspberry at her. Once everyone was buckled the driver began to drive. It was quiet for only a minute before Kera’s accent filled the vehicle.

“Hold on now, cabby. Elisa, did ya make sure you have everything?” Kera asked from the backseat.

I turned and nodded to her her “I triple checked. We're all good for take off.”

“Good,” Maya said. “Don't need to miss the flight.”

“Yeah,” I said turning around, “Felix would get very cross with me.”

Maya hummed from the backseat and silence descended the taxi before Kera and Maya fell into a natural conversation about our plans once we landed in France.

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