Chapter 39

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"We did it for Harry because we know the real Louis Tomlinson, and the real Louis Tomlinson is not worth someone like Harry Styles."

Liam let out a loud snort. "Is that supposed to be some kind of excuse? I mean, come on guys. Don't you have anything better to come with?"

While he continued being upset about it, I studied Zayn. His eyebrows had pulled together and he seemed to be in deep thought. It was as if he knew something. That was why I was the only one who wasn't surprised when he eventually opened his mouth.

"I think I know what Niall means by that..." He trailed off, making Liam turn to him with wide eyes.

Niall turned to Zayn also, the concerned look on his face turning into a small smile. Ed looked a bit happier too while I just had the biggest lump in my throat. I mean, if Zayn - Louis' best friend - agreed with what Niall just said, then it had to be the truth. I wasn't sure I wanted to hear it, though.

"Zayn, babe, what are you saying?" Liam asked, grabbing a hold of his hand.

The raven haired boy ran a hand through his hair as he let out a sigh. "I'm guessing it has to do with the way Louis has treated and spoken about Harry, right?"

Niall nodded sadly, turning to look at me. "I swear, Harry, I never wanted to hurt you, but when Ed noticed that Louis was the one you had fallen for, I couldn't help but do something about it. You don't know what he's said about you. He's callen you the worst names you could possibly come up with. I mean, he'd even go around in the locker room after practice and talk about how much of a 'stupid nerd' you were. Don't even mention how poorly he has treated you. You don't deserve him, Harry. You're worth so much better than him," he almost pleaded.

Ed gave me a nod in agreement, meaning that he thought just like Niall. I wanted to say that I was happy they cared about me so much, but I couldn't. The anger I felt was overpowering. I knew that Louis hadn't been exactly nice to me in the past, but I hadn't been to him either. Besides, I knew the reason why, and they didn't. They didn't know the truth. They didn't know that he had been mean to me just because I had ignored him when he needed me the most. They didn't know that he was mean to me because he was jealous of my girlfriend and friendship with Liam. They didn't know that he did it all just because he was in love with me.

My jaw was clenched and so were my fists. I glanced at Zayn one more time to see if he knew the truth, but when he seemed just as concerned as Niall and Ed, I decided I couldn't stay here. They had ruined my chance at being with Louis just because they didn't know the truth. I couldn't even stand the thought of being around them right now.

With that in mind, I stood up abruptly, my chair hitting the floor in the process. The loud sound made everyone in the cafeteria look my way, but I couldn't care less. Without another glance at my so-called 'friends', I stormed out of the room and headed towards the only place I knew I could be by myself right now; the toilets.

On my way there, I felt people throwing me confused and disgusted looks, but I was getting used to it by now so I decided not to care about it. Instead, I focused on getting to my destination as quickly as possible so I could finally slam the toilet door shut behind me and be by myself. Once I was sitting on the toilet seat, I pulled my knees up to my chin and started crying. Everything that I had kept inside me the last couple of days just came crashing down on me and I couldn't stop it anymore.

I didn't care that I was in a public bathroom and that there could be other people in here as well. Most of the people were in the cafeteria anyway so the possibility wasn't even that high. Hugging my knees even closer to my chest, I buried my face in the fabric of my black jeans, letting my tears fall on them. I was so caught up in my crying that I almost missed the sound of someone knocking on my stall.

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