Victoria's POV:

    Oh my gosh! You should've seen his face! Hunter's mouth practly fell off his face when he found out that it was me! I'm a little disapointed that he didn't recognize me, you know, cause we're supposed to be friends. But the look on his face was priceless. I had decided that I wasn't even going to give him my name and let him sweat it out. I met him this morning and a last second decision made me go up to him and ask him to show me where the office was. He seriously had no idea as to who I was. So much so that he introduced himself to me. He asked me what my name was, but I decided that I would let him wait to hear it because he didn't even recognize me. Jerk. 

     We were now sitting in our English class and I couldn't help but notice the stares that we were getting. I had to introduce myself again to the class and I originally thought that all the stares were just because I was the new student coming in at the very last minute. But then I noticed that all of the guys in the room were staring at me and the girls were giving me dirty looks and jealous stares. What's with that? I know I'm not hideous, but I'm not like beautiful. Anything but. God do I hate public speaking. Maybe I'm just being paranoid due to my public speaking phobia. Yeah, that's probably it.

      I sat next to Hunter, who I noticed sat in the first row, in the chair closest to the door. What was with that? Its like he doesn't want to socialize with anyone. He used to love to talk to everyone back in Atlanta. 

     Speaking of which, I wonder what my friends were doing. I know that some of them were travelling, but others were staying in the city. We made plans to Skype each other every so often, that way we could stay in touch. But I haven't talked to them since the last day of school. Maybe I'll check Skype later. 

      This English class couldn't get anymore boring. I had already learned all of this earlier in the year, so I ended up zoning out and doodling.  I let my eyes rest from staring at my hand draw across the page and looked around the room. It was much more organized than my last English teacher's room. There were a few posters on some classic literature books and some pictures of some famous people of art. It was nice, I had to admit. I liked the fact that it was simple and organized, but not plain, unlike the chaos of my old English class. In that class you could hardly even see the walls there were so many poster and stuff. Plus all the bookshelves were so unorganized with millions of papers and binders that it was no wonder that our teacher preferred our work in digital copies so that he couldn't loose it. 

     Thinking about it now, I kind of miss it. I suppose a little homesickness is finally kicking in. This was the first time I've moved since I was five. And that was only between states, not whole bodies of water. 

     I let my eyes gaze around the room at the students who were now all working on rereading on of the "important" passages of White Noise, by Don DeLillo. It was a weird book. The fact that you can say a passage is important in the book is really an obstacle. The book is so scatter brained that its hard to tell what is significant and what isn't. 

      As the students were working, I noticed how they all pretty much looked the same. They're all Asian for the most part. Only a couple of people looked like they had some other blood in them, but besides that,  they all looked alike and I couldn't help but remember that I probably fit in that category as well. I might be only half Korean, but that was definitely the more predominant feature in my genes. It was a little weird. At my old school, we prided ourselves with diversity, but there were very few Asians in the school, let alone my grade. So I felt a little more invisible, which I kind've liked, considering the predicament I was in. 

     The class ended I received a new textbook for the class. This thing was pretty big. It wasn't tall or anything, but thick. Like a dictionary. I don't know why the teacher was giving it to me now, when school would be out really soon, but I took it anyway.