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Hi everyone! Thanks for clicking this story.

This book contains all the (edited) bonus chapters and other short stories about your favourite characters from the world of A New Dawn. It will also become my little side project when I start editing A Blaze in The Dark.

The short stories can be read without reading the main book, but I do recommend checking out A Blaze in The Dark as well.

Some of these short stories will only be one chapter long, some will be divided into parts if they exceed 3k words. Titles include:

- Real Men Don't Cry (Brandon's pov)

- A Very Foxy Tale (Fox's pov)

- A Dagger for a Lord's Son (Seb's pov)

- King of Biscuit Tower (Nick's pov)

- Dreaming the Jade Dream (Alex's pov)

- The Arm of Lord Malcolm (Brandon's pov) - previously published in ABITD

- Boys just wanna have fun (Thomas' pov) - previously published in ABITD

-  Burning the Bedbugs (Katla's pov)- previously published in ABITD

- ...

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