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This is the ultimate Anime and Reader Q & A and I probably won't be asking and answer questions for a very long time. If you want a Question answered go to my Sarahah (In my Bio or Conversation section)

Section A: Questions asked by Readers

Section B: Author Questions

Section C: About anime Questions


Asked by readers


Question: What's your favourite subject in class?

Answer: Probably Art?


Question: Who is your favorite character in Assassination Classroom?AndFavorite anime?AndAll-time favorite anime boy?

Answer: Being honest, I dislike assclass characters they're really annoying in some way. The fan girl bases scare me alot. Asano is an ass. Karma fangirls are scary af (some can be quiet nice, please don't be offended) there are fangirls that will fight for him. My favourite anime would be haikyuu at the moment, I really love the anime.

My all time favourite character is Jellal or Oikawa (Mainly Jellal). Although, I bring up me loving Oikawa deep down I love Jellal too. He's my first anime crush, the memories //cries//. I need Jellal fanfiction sadly there is much. I'm very picky with fanfic. Write me Kuurochii x Jellal fanfic #kuurochiixjellalfanfic Lmao, I'll love you a lot and def add it into my library lol.


Question: How old are you? (optional)

Answer: I'm not very young or very old :3


Author Questions


Why do you write so much angst?

I'm very sorry for writing a lot of angst, as a person who reads a lot of angst, I get use to angst and so for me to cry for a fanfic would have to be very very sad.

Cause I've received comments about my sad twisty fanfic but I don't think this is sad lol. So thank me I'm letting you build up to angsty fanfic so when somebody tries to make you cry you won't cause yea...


Requests are open or not?

I love receiving requests and I normally finish them in a day or two but I often get writers block. The longest you would have to wait is a week (hopefully this doesn't happen).

My requests are always open because I'm constantly running out of ideas and all


Do you have more fanfic planned for the future?

I want to write fanfic for very small fandoms such as 'No Game, No Life' etc. I really love fanfic and it's a place where I can escape from reality. 

I've also got plans and I'm going to be publishing 8 books for this fandom lol. Assassination Classroom scenarios will go on till it reaches 200 chapters.

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