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song mood: lovely- billie eilish (ft khalid)

i shot my head up from my pillow and immediately regret doing that. yesterday was definitely a movie. i looked around and i was in my room.

when did i come back last night? oh well at least i'm safe.

i sat up from my bed and got off while putting my givenchy slides on. i went downstairs and i saw alisha and delany eating breakfast.

"you look like a mess." alisha said

"ditto to that." delany agreed

"good morning to you to girls." i said grabbing an advil from the cupboard.

"we're kidding, we love you." delany smiled

"yeah, yeah, i love you too" i said popping two advils in my hand.

the dirty sprite and vodka messed me up pretty bad.

i chugged it down with some cold water and went back upstairs.

i was on phone scrolling through my social media and my eyes got heavier and heavier and i was soon in a deep sleep.


i woke up from my nap and checked the time.

3:27 pm. wow i slept for long

i thought about the penthouse and how it was probably left in a state. i got up from my bed and went into my shower and did my business which included drying myself and moisturising myself.

i walked to my closet and i was so stuck on what to wear. i took my phone off charge and checked the weather.


must be chilly outside then. i put my phone back on charge and took out my gucci sweater and my black ripped jeans and put it on.

 i put my phone back on charge and took out my gucci sweater and my black ripped jeans and put it on

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i walked over to my shoe closet and switched it to my sliders section. i grabbed my black gucci sliders and my white ankle socks.

i quickly put my socks on and then my sliders. i grabbed my car keys off my table and went downstairs and saw my little cuties.

"hey girls." i say to delany and alisha

"you look much better." delany said

i gave her a playful dirty look.

"i'm kidding. you're beautiful." she laughed

"i'm just playing with you." i laughed taking my coat off the coat hanger.

"girls i'll be back soon. i'm going to the penthouse real quick." i said leaving

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