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This book is not meant to be a rant book, or an advice book. As I always say, I don't like to preach. It is just a place to express my personal opinions on random topics and NOT to force my own views on others.

Sometimes, you watch, hear, or read about something and you feel the need to discuss it with other people you trust or with people who, at least, would respect your opinions, even if they disagree. That's the goal of this book.

(( Encourage civil discussion. ))

It's supposed to be a way to express ourselves and communicate with fellow Wattpaders on an intellectual level- share opinions and views, and even disagree in a civil manner.

I'm open to discussing my own views with anyone who might be interested. As long as there's respect and civility, I'm willing to listen to your opposing opinions as well...

Again, don't forget, it's going to be only "personal opinions" and I'm the only one responsible for them. I'm not judging or accusing anyone who disagrees. You can ask my opinion on other topics (general subjects, please) upon your suggestions if you like...

I'll try to keep the chapter less than 500 words so hopefully you won't find it so boring. XD

I hope you find this book interesting.

Much love


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