Part 13

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Aryaman : "Please don't do anything to me. I didn't push you, you fell from the balcony on your own and died."

Nandu : "You didn't push me, but you trapped me and tried to force yourself on me. I fell trying to escape from you."

Aryaman : "Please let me go. Please!"

Nandu : "I requested you to leave me too, but you didn't. Why should I leave you now?"

Nandu : "You are not only responsible for my death, but for Araav's death too.So how can I let you go so easily?"

Aryaman blurted out the truth in his panicked state.

Aryaman : "I didn't want to kill Aarav. I shot him by mistake and he died."

Nandini didn't know Aryaman had killed Aarav. She just had a strong feeling that it wasn't suicide and probably Aryaman knew something about it. Though the thought that Aryaman might have been responsible for Aarav's death had crossed her mind once, she had put it aside thinking that Aryaman couldn't harm his best friend.

Nandu had gone ahead with the plan thinking that since Aryaman hadn't told anything for so many years, he wouldn't tell it out easily even now.She had seen him nervous around Manik, so the best way would be to induce fear in him and thus force him to blurt out whatever he was hiding.

Nandu didn't know much about Aryaman apart from what happened between Naina and him many years ago and the fact that Aarav and Aryaman were best friends. She couldn't go around asking Aryaman's relatives about his fears. Also she didn't have enough time to figure out any other means of getting more information about him.   

Nandu thought that if Aryaman had become nervous just seeing a look alike, then he would definitely get scared if she can make him believe that he has seen a ghost. So she decided to appear in front of him pretending to be Naina's ghost.

Nandu was sure of getting atleast one confession from Aryaman. Moreover, if Aarav had really committed suicide because Naina died, Aryaman would have been indirectly responsible for his death too.

Meanwhile, Manik tried to sleep but couldn't. He came out of his room to check if Nandini was back. She wasn't in her room. He went to Cabir's room to ask him about her since it was already very late in the night. He didn't find Cabir too.

Manik was trying to figure out where both could have gone at that time of the night. His eyes fell on someone standing outside the room and he went there.

Manik : "Cabir, What are you doing here?"

Cabir : "Shhh....Nandini is playing ghost."

At the same time, Manik heard loud voices from inside the room. He didn't hear what Cabir said completely. Inside the room,

Nandini : "You were responsible for two deaths, but were leaving carefree all these years. It is time for you to pay for your misdeeds."

Aryaman sees the door and thinks that he can escape.

Aryaman  : "So what...I was clever enough. I turned the circumstances to my advantage. Everyone thinks you both committed suicide. No one will ever come to know how you both actually died. You couldn't do anything then, and you can't do anything now."

Aryaman tries to open the door, but it was locked from outside. Aryaman's hope of escaping from Naina's ghost had gone for a toss. A few seconds later, Manik opens the door before Cabir could stop him and goes inside. Nandini hides immediately seeing the door open.

Manik : "What is happening here?"

If Manik would have come in earlier, probably their plan would have been ruined. But now, the timing was perfect.  

The fact that Aryaman was in Aarav's room had already made Aryaman nervous. On top of that  the eerie setting and encountering Naina's ghost had wreaked havoc on his mind. Aryaman was on the verge of loosing his sanity after seeing Manik. His current state of mind tricked him to believe that like Naina's ghost, Aarav's ghost was there too.

Though Aryaman had seen Manik earlier, he didn't realize it is Manik at that time. Aarav had come inside the room in a similar way that night too. Aryaman was extremely terrified now.

Aryaman : "Aarav! Please don't do anything to me."

Aryaman : "You were my best friend. I didn't mean to harm you.It was an accident, the rifle fired by mistake and you died. Please don't do anything to me."

Manik was walking towards Aryaman still trying to understand the scenario, seeing which Aryaman got scared. He thought Aarav would harm him, he didn't know what to do.

Aryaman's eyes fell on the rifle which was close by. He immediately took it and pointed towards Manik.

Aryaman : "Don't come closer, otherwise I will shoot you."

Manik froze at his place seeing Aryaman pointing the rifle at him.


Aarav went to the town festival with his family, but after sometime Aarav started feeling uneasy. He couldn't figure out the reason for his uneasiness. Aarav didn't want to spoil the day for the rest of the family, so he didn't tell them the actual reason. He informed them and returned home alone.

Before Aarav could enter home, he heard a scream and went in that direction to check. From a distance, he saw something/someone fall on the ground. When he reached there, he found Naina dead. The love of his life was lying lifeless. Aarav was in a state of shock.

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