#10 - Sebastian Vettel

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#Requested by the beautiful VettelFerrari😍😍 I hope you like it hun😘❤ Thank you for requesting
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#10: "I love the rain. It's just so peaceful ya know? It makes you feel alive"


After blinking a few times you slowly open your eyes.

Your body felt extra warm, you could feel sweat forming in your neck making you Humm when you remembered why it was so hot. Sebastian was here. He was hugging you possessively tight that's why you were almost sweating and breathless.

Ah but your precious Seb was back home and oh it was so complicated to explain how happy you were. And it seemed like the temperature was also cooperating with you two, because besides you being sweaty, it was madly cold outside. After breakfast Seb decided that going back to bed was a pretty good idea, since he was very tired and it was pretty cold outside. You of course agreed with him and you two ended up in bed talking no sense stuff, laughing at horrible jokes, just like the old times and just like when he's home. Now add that to a soothing nonstop rain. Ah! You can feel the world and everything around you changing when it's raining.

You get up wearing your comfy pants, a tank top and of course Seb's team jacket. You absolutely loved wearing his clothes and he loved to see you inside them because it always looked cute and sexy.
You looked back at his peaceful figure in a deep relaxed slumber as your heart skipped a beat in happiness and peace to finally have him by your side after a crazy year. You open the balcony door's room, just to watch closely the rain falling. It always gave you the feeling of, don't know, something like being alive, truly alive and happy.

It felt so good that it should be a sin or something alike. And the rain always reminded you of Seb which was weird. You two never did something special or had a specific special moment during rainy days, at least not that you remembered.

Oh! actually there was this one horrible day you came back from work and luckily Sebby was home. Despite he trying to get some rest and you being extra tired and stressed he gave his entire attention to you showering you with love and affection like he always knew how to do. (YOU DO REMEMBER THAT ONE SHOT RIGHT? I Hope you do HAHA ITS ONE OF MY FAVOURITES UNTIL TODAY.)

A wide grin appeared when you reminded how Seb was lovely.

"My Liebling, I'm so sorry... come!" He says opening his arms, giving space for a hug that you were sure would be the best in the world. He took off his hoodie and puts around you to warm your body and it was actually working. "Let's go to our room." You nod leaving his embrace but he suddenly carried you bridal style to the room you two shared. He took your shoes off and took you to the shower. With your clothes and everything he puts you into the very hot shower that relaxes you more than it should since you were wearing your clothes.

You saw when he removed his shirt, and the rest of his clothes while helped you taking off your clothes. He massaged each part of my body with his shower gel, which made you feel comfortable, sensible but also protected. After the shower you were feeling way better, but something was missing...


"Yes Liebeling?!"

"Can we both get up so you can hug me like a baby?" You asked and he side smiling.

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