A/N: Dialogue/Prompt List? Ehm?!

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Good day babies 💓💓❤️
So, the season is over... I'm so sad😫 Idk what am I going to do with my life without F1 oh God! And I'm also kinda shoOK because first Halo, now the logo🙄🙈... ANYWAY....

So I'm almost FREE, have my last exam on Friday and then I'm free forever (until February or something 😀😀 Yay viva holidays) And for health reasons I'm not going to be able to travel so my home is going to be my palace.

So I thought about finally trying that dialogues/Promts list thing, because it seems fun to do so.

I have 7+ new one shots in the writing process, but I'll leave in stand by:

Daniel Ricciardo ×2
Lewis Hamilton ×2
Preferences ×2
Antonio Giovinazzi ×1
Oh My boss part 2
And some others I can't remember call me Grandma Lewilca for forgetting things all the time lol.

I also have a new Book in the writing process with a very dear friend of mine❤️ Where Lew, Seb, and a female (wink wink) are the main characters. Until then, FFY will start the goodbyes 🤗🤔

Now let's do what really matters, the dialogue/prompt list. Just pick one number, the driver and yours truly will try and do something special for you. Credits go to all the amazing writers on Tumblr. You guys are awesome. Mwuaah

Yay the list:

#1: If I was a pill, would you take me?

#2: I wasn't completely honest about something

#3: "This is weird"

"Life is weird, get used to it."

#4: "What the hell is that? "

#5: "I don't know why I bother"

"because we're getting married!"

"ugh yeah... That."

#6: "You know what's cute?"

#7: "oh sorry, did my back hurt your knife? "

#8: "You look really lovely today."

#9: "YN!!!! What the Hell is that?"

" umm... It's a dog?"

#10: "I love the rain. It's just so peaceful ya know? It makes you feel alive"

#11: "You need to stay away from me. "

#12: "Soon this whole thing will be over."
" I can't figure it out whether that's good or bad."

#13: "And you're sleeping on the sofa why?"

#14: "God I've missed you, I can't believe how long it's been"

#15: "The whole time... You weren't happy, were you?"

"wow you finally realised ! Congratulations."

#16: "How stupid do you think I am?"

"Do you really want me to answer that?"

#17: "What could you possibly be scared of?"


#18: "I thought you said you hated snow!"

#19: "Did you know that you're an idiot?"

"You learn something new everyday."

#20: "Why would you even suggest that?"

#21: "You really are cute as hell."

#22: "Come on, let's go inside."

"Could we just... Stay here for a little while? I'm not ready to face them all yet."

#23: I'm not like him, I'm not going to hurt you.

"I know, I know you won't."

#24: "Do you think you could stay... You know for a little while? I don't think I'm ready to be in my own yet."

#25: "You gonna have to tell them sooner or later, you do realise that?"

#26: "Jesus, you keep distracting me. "

"Well, apparently that's what I do best, uh."

#27: "Wait, you can't leave like this."

#28:"So, this isn't awkward."

"You did it yourself. That's not awkward at all. "

#29:"Listen to me. This isn't you. The real you is in there somewhere, the person I know and love is strong enough to fight back, or at least try."

#30: "Ugh it's too hot in this room."

#31: "Dude, are you blind? How can you not see it?"

#32: "I never meant to hurt you... "

Sooooooooo you know what to do❤️ Love you all😘

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