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Okie dokie!! here goes my first story! tell me if you like it! shut up if you don't (JK)!!

Oh and if you see any spelling errors or grammar errors please tell me!! I want this to be GOOD!!!




School was going sluggishly and it hadn't even started yet.

I don't know how I had started getting the title of "slut" or "player". It had just started. My first boyfriend had been two weeks in from my first day in high school at Jackson High. He had been a total asshole, blowing me off for my best friend. I don't know how I had gained the attention of his best friend, but I had managed, even with sparkly blue glasses and a retainer. I guess my reputation had started then. I had made out with the guy at some party that I knew the two traitors would be attending too, then as soon as my ex-boyfriend had seen, as well as my bitchy ex-best friend, I had stopped kissing the dude, put my retainer back in like a true dork, and walked away, not talking to all three of them the rest of the year.

It was that night as I had sat on my bed in my pokadot pajamas staring at the two pictures of my old best friend and my ex-boyfriend that I wouldn't get attached so severly to anybody, and that I would prove this to everybody by doing what I did at that party.

Sure after that, I had started to build my own pile of boyfriends, one after another, some of their times with me blurring at the beginnings and ends, but it wasn't until I had ditched the retainer and gotten contacts that I actually started to reel in some handsome ones. Just last summer I had somehow managed to work my way to Jax Samson, the hottest and only actual model, yes model, in our school. But the jerk had the nerve to dump me for this rich blond nerd whose daddy could afford her a Ferrari. My desirableness had dropped twenty points now that I wasn't wanted by the hottest dude anymore. How the hell was I supposed to build up that want again?

My answer walked in at second period wearing a loose green tie and jeans. He was new, he was hot, and he was mine. All I had to do was survive English so I could talk with him at lunch.

Of course I was wrong.

I was known for having the record of fifty three boyfriends in one year, but if anybody could top that reputation, it was Celia Jones. Apparently no one had ever seen her without some dude dangling from her side, love struck with her long sun tanned legs and curvy body. She was a redhead nightmare for every girl in our school. She could hook a guy with one glance. She also happened to be the same slut that had been the best friend that had hooked my first guy catch. We had stopped speaking long ago.

So of course it was her who had just happened to be sitting next to the new guy. And she had just happened to drop her pencil and had to bend down to get it, her favorite tight tank top slipping an inch lower revealing a whole lot of cleavage.

I glared at her red curls, then glanced at the new guy. I almost gasped. He hadn't even noticed the gorgeous redhead that was giving him a perfect view down her top. He was... writing notes from the teacher. Was he gay or something?

Celia straightened up, her look of expectancy vanishing into a sort of irritation as she realized her whole show had done nothing. She stole a glare at me. I smirked at her and looked back onto the board, trying to pay attention to the drone of Mr. Martin.

I don't know what this guy's play was, but if Celia hadn't ensnared him yet, then this was going to be my hardest catch yet.

But first I needed to do my research.

I knew so far that he was somehow not attracted to one of the hottest girls in school and my arch enemy, that he actually payed attention in class, and that he was hot. Definitely sure of that. He was sort of that kind of rare beauty with shockingly pale sea green eyes and ruffled, just-got-out-of-bed look almond brown hair. He looked like he was going for the nerd look, with a button down shirt and tie, but with classic worn baggy jeans. On a less attractive and less muscular form, he would have been instantly passed off as nerd, but his muscles tightened the fabric around his arms, and his unbuttoned color revealed tanned skin, throwing off the nerd look into a sort of cute dressy look.

I noted with amusement that we were practically matching. I didn't have that auburn hair color, mine was more dark brown and long, but he wore dark jeans and so did I, skinny jeans of course, and unlike his long sleeved shirt, I wore a tight short sleeved one, unbuttoned just enough to show off a little chest, just enough to give them a hint. I wasn't as tan as he was though. I always got burned whenever I tried to tan, another thing that I was jealous of Celia for. No, I was pale with many freckles sprayed across my nose, and with stormy blue eyes, not green like his.

The two things left to find out about this new hottie was first whether he was gay or not, and second, what his name was.

I finally figured it out after school, although not in the circumstances I had assumed they would be in.

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