Chapter 7: Win or Lose

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You were celebrating the day off

Then Gajeel came from the mine

"If I ever see another mine cart, it would be too soon," said Gajeel

"Where you bin you missed all the cake," says happy

" Yeah, jerk why did you leave in the middle of our match," says Natsu

" Are you for real, I just spent half of the day crawling out of the mine that the lava brain tool in front of me, put me in?" says Gajeel

" Oooohhh, is that true grey,"Natsu asked

"I seriously worry about the lack of brain cells," says grey

" No wonder you can't shut your mouth, you can't even do a simple task of wearing clothes," you say to grey

"Ahhh, just forget it..............hey you three Natsu, Wendy and (Y/N) come with me now," says Gajeel

(Time skip)

Gajeel led everyone to the mines

"So what did you find down here," Wendy asked

"Pipe down and keep up

"Why did you only bring us,"Natsu asked

" Whats so important," you asked

"This is it," said Gajeel

" Look at that," said Wendy

" What are those thing, " said grey

"They look like giant bones," Lucy said

"That ain't any bones," said Natsu

"T-their dragon bones," you said

"All these used to be dragons"happy question

"Theirs so many of them," Carla said

" Now their proof that they existed," said panther lily

Then you got lost in your thoughts

Then Wendy cast a spell to talk to a dead dragon

Then a dragon appeared

"AAAAHHHHHHHGHHH" everyone screamed from seeing a dragon

"Hahahaha, even in death, I still have fun scaring names ziconis , they called me the jade dragon back in my day, I'm impressed you were able to conjure my spirit, which one of you was it, ohhhh, how adorable , so it was this tiny dragon slayer who woke me" he says pretending to eat Wendy

"Hey back of creep, don't even think of touching her" Natsu says

" Geez, listen up dummy, did you honestly think I could eat any of you, I'm a ghost," ziconis says

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