Chapter 1: Three Thousand Years

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As Noòx was meditating on a rock, somewhere in the Odessen wilds he felt as if the Force was calling for him, calling him back to the known galaxy. As he then opened his eyes he looked around him, like he was expecting something. But soon he realized nothing was going to happen, nothing had happened for over three millennia. Nothing except training to control his powers. But nothing else, no running water, no fighting animals, no interacting people. They were all just standing there, the exact places, the exact positions they had been standing in for three thousand years. Noòx then sighed as he then stood up and slowly walked back to the base on Odessen. It had been about five years since he had been there but nothing had changed, of course. As he was walking through the base he saw the all too familiar interior. He knew every single detail of every single room, well except one. As Noòx then entered his own quarters he walked to his wardrobe and he took out some sort of suitcase. He then opened it, and before him he saw his all too familiar clothes. The first thing he took out were his black leather boots, there wasn't anything that special about it yet Noòx still smiled seeing them. He then grabbed his lower robe out of the suitcase. It was mostly a combination of black with dark blue stripes going vertically and some sort of gray straps were going around the top part, Noòx didn't really knew if they served a purpose but he quite liked them, they were decorations after all. He then grabbed the top half of his robes. Most of it was black with shoulder pads that were partly dark blue, it also had two silver like necklaces and some red line that was woven into the material. It also had a neck guard that was mostly black with some light grey parts. The hood on the other hand was connected to the shoulders pads and shared the dark blue color, on it there was some sort of pattern of the colors black and red. Noòx then grabbed his gloves, cuffs and belt. The globes weren't too special, mostly black with a part that was red colored. The cuffs on the other hand locked the gloves around his arm while also holding two cylinders each with Bacta in it for emergencies. The belt wasn't too interesting either, on the front it had a sort of pouch and around it there were shield like ring. But on the belt there were multiple places one could put his lightsaber. One on the left, one on the rift and a larger one on the back. Noòx then began to put his old clothes back on, throwing away his training clothes. After he had put on his clothes Noòx once again walked towards the suitcase and grabbed the last item in it, his mask. It was made out of a strong metal, yet it was comfortable. It was mostly dark gray, with mostly the top and back of it being black, it had some faint blue stripes on it. It had one big and mostly square nose. The place for the eyes was also mostly square, they were very dark, but could be opened if the used wished so. The noir part was mostly covered but the area that was accessible could be opened as well. The neck part mostly existed out of strong yet flexible material, which could bend pretty well. Noòx then walked towards a mirror and looked in it, it had been long since he got a proper look of his own face. His skin was very pale, but it had areas that had hints of purple and some purple lines, who looked a lot like lightning here and there. Mostly around the mouth and eyes. On the right side of his face, around his ear he could see his old scar, caused by an explosion which he was the only survived of. And on his forehead he saw the ritual scar, a triangle. He got it after joining the Dark Council so many years ago, yet he didn't regret it one bit. His hair was still dark brown and his beard was well kept. He then looked himself in the eyes, they were glowing red. "Well then, here we go again" said Noòx, with delight in his voice as he then put on his mask. He opened the back, put it on his face and it automatically wrapped around his head and neck, he then put his hood over his head as he then smiled under his mask.

Noòx then sat down on his knees and he began to concentrate. Noòx began muttering all sort of words in different languages: Rakattan, Gree but mostly Sith. Slow but surely time began to start once again. He noticed it around him, even though he was inside he could feel a small breeze that was created by the ventilation which was now working once more. Everything began to move, everything began to experience time once more. Noòx then stopped, he had completed the ritual. Noòx then walked up to the holotable, a small round table with a blue top and a console that allowed it to display holographic things like messages. Noòx then pushed on a few buttons on the console of the holotable and then stood in front of it. He then used the force to push the last button. He had now opened a holobroadcast across Odessen and Zakuul. "People of the Eternal Alliance. It is I, your leader, Darth Noòx. You may not have realized it, but many of you have at least sensed something. It has now been over three thousand years since the battles for Zakuul and Odessen. On that day many people lost their lives and their homes, and while some of you may still feel some of its effects it is time we stop with dwelling on the past. The galaxy has changed, it is time we change with it. The Eternal Alliance was created to defeat the royal family, the Zakuulan Empire was created by Valkorion. Both are no longer needed. From now on there is no more Empire of Zakuul, no more Eternal Alliance. Both will be reorganized into the New Sith Empire! We will reclaim our rightful place in the galaxy, we will fight for what we believe in. We will fight for Freedom, Justice and above all else we will fight for life! I understand that there are those with concerns, you are free to leave if you want to. But remember this, the Empire shall prevail!" said Noòx as he then turned off the broadcast with another push of a button. Suddenly the door behind him opened, two people then stepped into the room. A man and a women, Noòx knew these two all too well. As he then turned around he saw two familiar faces and he smiled under his mask. The man was looking at him with his olive colored eyes. His skin was light and he had stubbles on his chin. Most notably were his cybernetic implants which you could see on the left side of his face. His hair was brown of color and it was combed upwards into a sort of crest. The man's name was Theron Shan, former spy for the Republic, third in command for what was the Eternal Alliance, and a good friend. Noòx then looked at the woman, his heart then skipped a beat. He had seen her so many times before but it was like he saw her for the very first time again. Her blonde hair was grown to that of shoulder level. Her skin had a fair color and her eyes, her eyes were yellow, Noòx almost drowned in them as he looked at her. Her name was Lana Beniko, Sith Lord, former head of Sith Intelligence,
Second in command of what was the Eternal Alliance and most importantly, Noòx's wife....

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