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valentina_rivera: day out with my one true love💞

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valentina_rivera: day out with my one true love💞

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username1: i stan legends

username2: sebantina who? sorry, i only know valizzie🤔

garcia_s: heart to the broken

garcia_s: is this what it's like to be replaced as your one true love?

valentina_rivera: garcia_s you're my soulmate bby💞

oliviaofficial: valentina_rivera and what am i?

valentina_rivera: oliviaofficial a headache 

oliviaofficial: how to treat a burn💞

oliviaofficial: how to come back to life after being publicly murdered

oliviaofficial: how to find google

imsebastianstan: looking good ladies👌

username3: can't hear anything over the sound of sebantina

valentina_rivera: imsebastianstan thank you seb💙

username4: when are sebantina gonna get together tho smh


i love valizzie

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