2 - The Weirdo on Maple Street : Part 3

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"Yeah, her names eleven, but we can call her El for short" he says as he opens the door to his room, we both step in and he closes the door.

Mike runs over to his closet and opens it to revel El sitting on the ground, crying.

"El are you okay?" Mike asks really worried

"Promise" she says as Mike helps her up. As he does he holds her hand which sparks something inside me.

Eleven looks at me with a little smile.

"Uh, Eleven, if you don't know my names Gabbie" I say to her and she nods.

I take the bag off my back and fling it on the top bunk.

"What's happening Gabbie? Why do you have your bag?"

"Uh, my mum wants me to stay here until they find Will" I say as look at him, he smiles a little but turns back to El.

"Anyway, El knew who Will was"

"What?" I say as I look at El "Do you know where he is" I say as walk towards her, I see she starts to get frighten but this is my brother. Mike steps in front of her and puts his hands on my shoulders.

"Gabbie stop, you're scaring her" he says looking at me

"Mike she might know where my brother is" I start to tear up "I want to know where my brother is" I say as tears run down my face.

I look to the ground and wipe my eyes when I feel two arms around my body, I rap my arms around them, I look up and see Mike hugging me tight.

I cry onto his shoulder as he sways me a little bit. It's very calming.

I soon stop crying and I sit on Mikes bed as Eleven sits next to me. Mike is downstairs waiting for the boys to arrive.

"Are you okay?" El asks me slowly. I turn to her, she stares at me.

"Uh, no, I'm not" I say as I look into the distance. I sigh just thinking about it.

Not long after a hear voice downstairs coming from Dustin and Lucas. Mike enters the room first followed by the boy, they seem fine till they see me next to eleven.

"Are you out of you're mind?" Lucas question Mike

"Just listen to me"

"You are out if you're mind"

"Lucas" I say getting his attention, he looks over to me "she knows about Will"

"What do you mean she knows about Will?" Dustin says as he stares at me.

Mike walks over to his shelf and picks up a picture of Dustin, Lucas, Will, Him and I winning the science fair.

"She pointed at him, at his picture, she knew he was missing. I could tell" mike says showing the boys. Before the boys came, Mike had run me through everything that had happened, even his toy impressions which crack me up every time.

"You could tell?" Lucas questions

"Just think about it, do you really think it was a coincidence that we found her on Mirkwood, the same place where Will disappeared?" Mike questions him.

"That is weird" Dustin confirms

"And she says bad people are after her" I say as I stand up and walk over to them

"I think maybe these bar people are same ones that took will, I think she knows what happened to him" Mike finishes, as I look after to the confused girl sitting on the bed I've sat on so many times.

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