Chapter 6: The Devil

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Hannah above^^


''I'm bored'' I huffed out in annoyance. My siblings are away and Hannah is visiting Wayne. Normally being alone for any another teenage kid meant a party until the cops showed up. 

But for me 

It is the worst time of my life

Oh stop being so dramatic Anastasia, go do something

Sure brain let me go and play chess for 6 hours

I rolled my eyes and sat up, blood rushing to my head. The television was playing re-runs of sporting matches and I had no one to call or annoy. I sulked into the kitchen and started to make myself a banana sandwich.

You know a banana and nutella sandwich, it literally tastes like heaven. 

Except if your allergic to nuts them you simply have not lived until you try this sandwich. 

Midway into my sandwich my pone started to ring, and me being a stupid person made myself the messiest sandwich ever. I do not want nutella smears all over my screen.

I jumped up from the table and ran to the sink to wash my hands. I grabbed my phone and answered the call

''Hello this is Anastasia, speak please I don't have all day'' I held my phone to my ear as I finished my sandwich.

''Ah Anna is nice to hear from you'' A voice spoke into the phone. My body went cold as my mind flew to the only person who it could belong to, but he is in prison.

''Who is this?'' I whispered into the receiver my body shaking in fear. ''My dear its me Eric, your boyfriend'' My guy on the phone started to spew bullshit about how he is my boyfriend. My body was in shock to reply to what he is saying. My mind going at a million miles per hour.

''Your ment to be in jail'' My eyes started to water as I remembered the horrible things he did to me. ''I told your dear, jail bars can't hold me'' Eric whispered into the phone.

''And now I'm coming home and I hope to have a warm welcome'' My mind could see him smirking on the other side of the phone as he hung up. My body went limp as dial tones filled the air. 

''He's back'' My voice was a whisper in the large room. If Ethan found out that he got out then he would kill him and my sister would happily help. I don't want them leaving me to. 

''No one must know'' I kept on chanting these few words as I slid down the wall I was leaning up against. ''No one must know''


''Hey whats up with you'' Beau tapped me on the shoulder as we made our way to Science. ''You've been spacing out all day'' Hayden chimed in.

''I've got a lot on my mind lately'' I pulled at the front of my jumper slightly. ''Well whatever it is it will have to wait'' Alec caught up to us and began to ramble on ''We have our group projects today and I need to get an A'' 

''That's Alec for you, always obsessing about grades'' We took out seat in the classroom and the bell rang, signalling the beginning o the lesson. 

My phone buzzed in my pocked. When no one was looking I pulled out my cell and checked the message from an unknown number.

Remember when I used to make you dance around my room in your skimpy underwear while I whipped you with chains until you bled and begged for help. Remember when I made love to you every night .

I can still picture your face as you screamed out in pleasure and pain.

We'll be together soon my Love

Your hero xx

My body started to shake as the memories of his abusing me haunt my mind. I grab my bag and dash out of the room and down the hall to the back of the school building. My mind was going into shock.

''Hey are you okay'' I turned my body to see Kieran sitting on a bench smoking.

''Yeah I'm fine'' I try to wipe away my tears and stop my body from shaking.

''You don't look okay'' Kieran got up and put out the cigarette with his shoe. ''I know I haven't been the nicest person to your these few week but I have had a lot on'' Kieran sat down next to me on the ground and pulled out his phone. ''You can talk to me''

''Its okay'' My eyes scan the area we were in, trying to not fill with tears. ''Obviously if a girl says shes ok, she really isn't okay'' He turned to face me

''How do you know this?'' I look at him in wonder, that rule is scared to girl code and can never been understood by guys

''I have a sister'' He stares blankly at me like its the most obvious thing in the world. 

''Oh well it's nothing'' I look down at the ground, not wanting to stare at his beautiful blue eyes.





''If you say so'' Kieran gets up unaware about the war going on in side my head.

''See you later Princess'' Kieran winks and walks back into the school



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