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I sighed as I sat down at my desk , today had been a long day at school. All my teachers assigned homework at the same time , it's like they do it in purpose just to stress us students out.

I wanted nothing more then to write about my average day on the anonymous blog website I visited basically everyday. It's such a good way to express everything I'm feeling. Considering I'm a closeted Pansexual. And no that doesn't mean I perform sexual activities with a pan. It means that I will love any living human no matter their sexuality identity or gender identity.
Anyways let me post my blog real quick then I'll be right back.

Tuesday / November 17th / Sage

So today was a terrible day to say the least. I got assigned homework In all of my core classes. Two of the assignments are projects and the one for English is a partner thing but we have to do the research before we are assigned our partner. I really hope I don't get stuck with this weird boy in my English class, I'm not one to judge people to quickly anyways but he literally threatened to bring a gun to school a few years back after a teacher punished him for something.


Does this sound like a good book to anyone , because I'm not sure if I should presume with it or not.

~ L

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