Chapter 17: Amin in the flesh...

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So just to forewarn you all, this chapter does have a little more language than previous ones. Not by much but still, felt the need to let you know :) I'm super excited to show you guys where this is headed! Oh! I can't wait! lol

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“You gonna lose!” He called out. I felt my chest light up as he shot me again. Son of a b*tch! I turned around and got him quickly making him groan. Laughing, I launched myself over the couch for cover. “Only babies need a place for cover!” he called out. Chuckling I popped up and got him again, “No…only dead people think they don’t need cover.” I smirked. “Meh…screw you cheater!” He yelled out and made my chest plate light up. I was going to go for another hit when I heard Isis scream.



Abandoning the game I booked it upstairs and barged into my room. I saw her looking at my yearbook from last year. I walked up quickly to her, “Isis?! What’s wrong?!” I asked worriedly. She pointed to a picture of the staff, “W-Who’s that?” I looked down to see where she was pointing, “Him? He’s out new chemistry teacher, Mr. Smith. He just got on the staff towards the end of last year. Why?” I asked She looked so shaken!



“That’s not Mr. Smith…that’s Amin.”





Chapter 17:



Isis’ POV:



I laid in the bed unable to fully rest. My mind felt weak, but just wouldn’t stop turning. I wouldn’t tell Gordon this but by putting up the barrier for me to feel what he does physically, I now opened the way for me to feel what he does emotionally. I’ll let him know later. Groaning I turned to observe the rest of his room.



His room was quite large, and would probably look like a storm went through it if Jenna didn’t clean up. She tidied up this morning and now there were various clothing items on the floor. Maybe if it’s not too bold, I can convince him to pick up after himself. The Lord knows Jenna would like a break. I spotted some books and decided to just take a peek. It’s been so long since I’ve read a good book.



I have to say I was surprised to see any books in here as Gordon doesn’t strike me as the reading type. I saw a tall skinny one that said yearbook on the binding spiking my curiosity. Opening it I could see it displayed many pictures of younger people. These must be his classmates, I thought. I flipped to the front and screamed.



That man’s face…I never thought I’d have to see it again! No, no, no, no! I shook my head back and forth and could feel myself shaking. How in the world is he alive?! Tears blurred my vision making me blink them back so I knew I wasn’t seeing things. “Isis?! What’s wrong?!” I heard Gordon ask worriedly. I pointed to the picture, “W-Who’s that?” I asked with a shaky voice. He looked down to see where I was pointing, “Him? He’s our new chemistry teacher, Mr. Smith. He just got on the staff towards the end of last year. Why?” He asked, making my heart beat against my rib cage.

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