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She looked at him in admiration while caressing her cheeks. He was busy instructing something to Hari Prakash. A soft smile appeared on her face. The way he cupped her cheek, a few minutes ago, was something she would never forget. She could see that intense care for her in his eyes. She felt lucky, indeed very lucky to get a husband like him.

It seems like I have started loving you more and more everyday!

He turned his gaze feeling that someone was staring at him. He knew it was her. He knew what she felt about him. He knew her growing feelings towards him. He looked at her guiltily, and not disappointing her, he gave a slight smile.

Don't love me so much..don't get so close to my heart, or else you will end up getting hurt.

His inner mind spoke, with utter guilt and pain.

I want to enter deep into your heart, and make a place for myself in your heart.

Her inner mind spoke, full of love.

I can never give you the deserved happiness.

His eyes spoke.

I can never think of giving you pain.

Her heart spoke. Their thoughts broke when Payal shook her.

"Khushi what are you thinking? Come down, naniji is calling us." Payal said. It took a few seconds for her to cone out of her thoughts.

"Yeah Jiji, I am coming." Khushi said while walking along with Payal.

"What were you thinking?" Asked Payal.

"Jiji, is he always like that? So caring, and so loving" Khushi asked Payal.

Arnav felt a lump form on his throat.

So caring and so loving?

Since when? He closed his eyes remembering what he did to her a few days back. Payal didn't know what to say, she had never seen Arshi's marital life, he wasn't so caring before marriage, but after marriage, yes he had always been good to Khushi, or at least that's what she saw. She somehow managed to say a yes.

No Khushi I have always given you pain, nothing else.

Khushi felt happy.

"Arnavji is so nice jeeji, I wish , every woman gets a husband like him." Payal felt happy when she heard those praises from Khushi. Her baby sister is so happy.

Now, this statement was something what he didn't expect. He needs to stop her. He isn't worth these praises or her love.

Mere jaisa pati kisi ladki ko na mile(I hope no girl gets a husband like me)
His inner voice wanted to scream that. Why did she love him so much when he just gave her pain?

Kaash hum aapse thoda bhi nafrat kar paate!(I wish I could hate you even a bit)

Kaash mai tumse mohabbat kar paata!( I wish I could love you!)

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