Moving Day

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I opened my eyes to see me now laying on Daniel's chest with my legs off of the mattress on the cold floor. I sat up and yawned. To hear steps walking up to my door and opening it.

"Jessica! Today is moving day." My mom said dancing.

She was wearing something I would see me wear. She was wearing plaid pajama bottoms with a black strap top with her hair in a bun.

"Come on! Everyone up- wait." She said pausing she glanced at Daniel who was beside me just starting to wake up.

"Protection was used?" She asked.

"Protection wasn't used because protection wasn't needed because there was nothing to protect." I said. (That was very confusing for me😂)

"Oh so no babies?"

"Of course not."

"Oh good. I am wayyyy to young to be a grandma."

"Mom. You had me at eighteen."

"Hey that isn't my fault. Well it is but isn't. Thirty four is a young age. At least your gandma was fourty five when she became one."

"Goodmorning. What were you guys talking about?" Daniel said as he tried to adjust his eyes to the light.

"Oh nothing. We were just saying everyone needs to wake up. Our flight is in an hour and a half. Come on people!" She said walking out of my room to get dressed.

I got dressed into camo leggings with a sweatshirt and put my hair into a messy bun. I then walked out and Daniel was already dressed.

My mom then walked in.

"Everyone ready? We have to go through security. I got everything packed."

"Yes." Me and Daniel said together.

"Let's go."

I looked around the house one last time as like my way of saying good bye. I then got in the car. I realized that may be the last time I see that house.

"I wanna take a picture of you." Daniel said.

"Why?" I asked him.

"Because I want photo credits again." He said laughing.

"Fineeee." I said handing him my phone.

"Okay one,two three." He took the picture and then he decided he wanted to edit it too.

He finally gave me my phone back.


6,467 likesjessicasmith Going to Los Angeles😊Photo credzzz: @seaveydaniel4,525 commentsLeximann: YOU LOOK PALE FOR AN ODD REASONUser19: Ughhh😒Jessicasmith: @leximann WHAT DO YOU MEANuser15: 😐😑😖User12: I WANT ZESS GIMME SOME OF IT PLEASEEEEImz...

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jessicasmith Going to Los Angeles😊
Photo credzzz: @seaveydaniel
User19: Ughhh😒
Jessicasmith: @leximann WHAT DO YOU MEAN
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What do you mean

On Instagram

I'm sorry maybe that was a bit much

But you looked great❤❤❤


Technically you couldn't say that I can't use this "❤" emoji

I've noticed that I said that

Anyways I am seeing you in a few hourss?!?!?

3 hours and 20 minutes

Wait how are you awake

It is 9 am here

It's only 7 am here

Okay so the flight leaves at 9:30

Overall the flight time is 3 hours and 20 minutes

So it would be 12:40 there take away two hours because of our time difference and then

You're taking forever it would be 10 Am there



I'm hereeee

Okay I'll text you after the flight

Okay byeeee

Bye Mr.Herron❤

Bye Mrs.Herron❤



I put my phone in my sweatshirt pocket and got out with Daniel and my phone. I honestly don't think my mom worked out how she is getting her car to Los Angeles. So I asked her and she said that my grandma was driving it when the moving truck was coming. Which is being driven by my grandpa and then they are taking a flight back home. My mom is very lucky to have them dang.

We went through security. With what ever clothes we packed. Daniel had nothing but his phone and charger. He was gonna still wear the suit from prom but I found him one of my big sweatshirts with some sweatpants. So I hope I get my clothes back from him......

We got in the plane and we had some crazy seating. Well my mom ended up sitting away from me and Daniel. My mom's seat was somewhere in the back of business class and we were more towards the front middle of business class. Me and Daniel we able to have seats next to eachother after asking a kind lady to sit and Daniel's seat which was right next to her's so he could be by me. Does that makes sense. So the lady wasn't in the middle of us she was on the right if both of us.

So I pulled out my phone and checked the time before turning it on Airplane mode and turning it off. Me and Daniel were able to find a channel on the mini tv on the back of the chair in front of me to show the flight. I did end uo dozing off though into a little nap.

Author's note❤
This took about twenty minutes over
A three day period to get out.
Also I realized my last chapter and this one
Had math in it
So I hope you understand it.😂
This was around 900 words long though.
I am trying to think
Who will greet Jessica at the airport
Lexi or Zach?

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