Trying to get answers

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A day passed since what happened to Shino. She had been resting mostly for the time being. I couldn't let her get hurt or be involved anymore than when she already was.

Today, I'm gonna get some answers Eiji never gave me..but maybe the creator of the Augma can give me answers...

I took out my smartphone and dialed Seijrou Kikuoka's number and called.

"Hello, Kiri-Kazuto! Good to hear from you." Kikuoka said with a friendly tone in his voice.

"Hello..Kikuoka..we need to talk. Face to face. Can we meet up?" I ask in an urgent tone.

"Of course. The usual restaurant alright?" He asked.

"That's perfect."

"Alright. I'll see you in 20 minutes."

After that, I hung up and put my phone back in my pocket.

I headed outside and put on my helmet, then revved up my motorcycle and headed towards the restaurant where I met with Kikuoka a few times before.



I got myself out of bed around 10:30AM. I kept having some kind of dreams..about Kazuto and I.

Kirito and I were in the forest walking hand in hand. It almost reminded me of...Aincrad?

All of a sudden I was alone...where was Kirito?

"Kirito! Where are you?! Kirito!" I called out. No answer.

I looked all around me and it got darker..colder.

I finally saw Kirito...the famous black swordsman in his attire from what he wore in SAO..

"Kirito-kun!" I called out again. He turned to see me, then turned away and kept walking. But...Eiji appeared over Kirito and placed a giant hand over him.

That was the dream I had. Ever since what happened that night when I tried to save Silica from one of the boss monsters. I can't remember anything of SAO except Kazuto and Yui and our friends.

I hated it..I felt so hopeless. But I still remember I was a sniper in GGO. And the ALO incident....with the Shinkawa brothers...Akari-san...those parts I wouldn't mind forgetting completely.

All I wanted right now was to have my memories back and be with Kazuto..



I got off my bike and took off my helmet putting it in the small compartment of my motorcycle.

I headed into the restaurant where I saw Kikuoka usually sat in business attire as usual.

"Hello, Kirito!"

I gave Kikuoka a slight glare and he covered his mouth, then smiled.

"Well then.. Hello, Kazuto. Come sit." He invited me to sit with him at the table he was at and I did so.

"So whats up?" He asks.

I sigh softly thinking of Shino.

"Its about Shino...she tried to protect a friend of ours and the Augma..somehow took Shino's memory away from her. She can't remember much about what happened in SAO, but she can remember what happened in GGO and ALO." I explained.

Kikuoka looked deep in thought.

"I see...well then. You should slip into Professor Shigemura's class on the Augma. He and this player named Eiji are the founding creators of it. See what information you can get out of it." Kikuoka explained.

I put my hand under my chin thinking how that all would go, but I looked at Kikuoka and finally nodded to what he explained.

"I'll do that then." I agreed.

"Alright then. I will leave it to you to check that out. In the meantime, I will do some digging to see what can be done for Shino."


Didn't feel like much, but this was a start. Somehow I'm going to help Shino get her memories back and to those who played Klein.

A/N:Sorry how short this is, guys. Just been so busy with lot. I think soon I'm gonna put an ending to this story, but have to think how to do so soon. Will update again soon!


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