Chapter Three: Dungeons

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Chapter Three:

     I backed up, the grains in my hand falling to the floor as I let them go to shield my face from a blow. I cower back, seeing everyone in the kitchen and dining area stare as I'm about to get beaten.

     "That's not a meal!" He hollered, his fists clenching in anger.

     I held back my tears, knowing crying was just showing another weakness, giving them more reason to hurt me. "I'm sorry, I'll do better next time, sir."

     "No! Stop! What did your old pack do to you, huh? Why are you so afraid of everyone?!" He gripped his hair in frustration.

     "They taught me to be obedient, sir." I said quietly. I suddenly remembered I wasn't allowed to call him sir, he had forbid me. I looked up at him in fear, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to call you sir! I will do better next time Lorenzo."

     His hand came towards me and I flinched horribly, but he only grabbed my arm. He drug me through the house, his grip tight on my upper arm. I trailed behind him, knowing he was bringing me to a whipping room or some for of cell to be punished.

     "I'm sorry!" I cried, my sobs shaking my body as he forced me to walk with him down the hall.

     He stopped in front of two large brown doors, "Stay right here." He ordered, but his tone wasn't as scary as it had been before. He disappeared through the doors, closing them behind him.

     I looked at the gold plate next to the door and started trembling violently. King Percyus, the gold plate read. It was his office. Lorenzo brought me here to get the King to punish me. I couldn't help but over hear their conversation even though I knew I would be in a lot of trouble.

     "You need to get off your ass and go help your mate. She's scared of her own shadow yet you sit here like a lump of nothing while I attempt to entertain her because you left. I found her on her hands and knees scrubbing the floor because she was terrified that she would get in trouble for tracking in dirt, because she has no shoes!

     "Then I offer her food and her reply; "Am I allowed?" Am. I. Allowed. Do you not see the problem in this?! She asked if she could have oatmeal for breakfast so of course I got it out, but she got out a measuring spoon took out a tablespoon and scooped that and only that amount out of the container to eat. Then she told me that that is what she was allowed at her old pack, for the entire week. She was only given a TABLESPOON or oatmeal per week."

     I heard him slam his hands down presumably onto the King's desk, a surely fatal move on his part, but he kept going. "Do you even know her name? Do you?"

     There was a pause, "No. No I do not." I listened to his response, savoring the sound of his deep, husky voice.

     "That's because she was never given one. She was never given a name. She told me that they only ever called her mean names, or on occasion 'girl'. They treated her like a she was nothing, yet drilled it into her head that she was treated that way to be taught how to be an 'obedient girl'. Are you really gonna sit back and let her live like this? She is terrified of everyone! She was only ever allowed to call people sir or ma'am, to the point where I had to forbid her from calling me that and only calling me by my name.

     "If you think for a second I will let this go on any longer without you getting out of your throne and helping her, I'll take her myself. I'll show her what a real mate is supposed to be like." He growled.

     Suddenly there was a loud crash followed by a venomous growl that shook the house, nearly knocking me over. I heard the sound of a body slamming on a wall and knew he had Lorenzo pinned to the wall, "If you touch her, I will kill you." He threatened.

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