Chapter 015: Trick or Treat, Freak

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Brynn woke up around nine o'clock, it was Halloween day and her and the boys were going to go trick or treating together. Joyce was nice enough to make Brynn's s costume along with Will's, and She loved it.

 Joyce was nice enough to make Brynn's s costume along with Will's, and She loved it

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Brynn sat quietly on her bed. There was someone else in the house, and she wanted to know what they were saying. She tapped into the conversation, she saw Hopper and Joyce sitting in the kitchen.

"Gosh, I want this to be over." Joyce said.

"I know." Hopper said. "Maybe..."

"What?" Joyce asked. Hopper stood up and a thump forced Brynn to tap out.

"What do you think about this, Kiddo?" He asked, holding up the picture of the shadow that Will had drawn. "I know you've been listening."

"I don't know what it is..." She started, glancing over at Joyce, then back to Hopper. "But I know it wants to kill." Joyce looked up at Hopper, fear spread across her face.

"Have you ever seen it?" He asked.

"Yes. I tapped into the Upside Down yesterday, and I couldn't tap out. It was getting closer until Will found me in Castle Byers."

"Just stay tapped out until we can figure this out, okay?" Joyce said.


Later that day...

      Brynn, Will, Lucas, Dustin and Mike were walking from door to door tick or treating when someone jumped out in front of them. They all screamed then they took the mask off, revealing a red headed girl.

"You should have seen the look on your faces. And you? Who screams like that? You sounded like a little girl." She said, gesturing to Lucas. She started walking forward while the boys and Brynn stayed behind.

"Hey, you guys coming or not? I heard we should hit up Loch Nora. Thats where the rich people live right?" She asked. Brynn, Will, Lucas and Dustin started walking, but Mike lagged behind.

They were walking up to the next house, Brynn and Will were behind everyone, when some older kids jumped out from behind a bush and scared Will. Will fell back and Brynn looked back at the older kids.

"Leave him alone!" She said.

"Or what?" One of them asked.

"Or you'll get the beating of a lifetime." Brynn said. She turned around just soon enough to see Will dart around the house they were trick-or-treating at.

"Will!" She yelled, chasing after him. She ran down the stairs in the side yard, and at this point Mike had started following her. She made it to the bottom and saw Will siting on the ground up against a brick wall.

"Will?!" She asked, Waving her hand in front of her face.

"Will!" She yelled again, this time shaking him by his shoulders.

"Will! What's wrong?! We couldn't see you, are you hurt?!" Mike yelled. Will came out of the episode, shaking and crying. This was the worst episode Brynn had seen so far. The words, 'It'll get worse before it gets better.' Echoed in her head.

"We're gonna get you home okay? We're gonna take you home." Mike continued. He helped Will up when Dustin started to go to him. "I've got him, I've got him."

"Mike?" Dustin asked.

"Keep Trick-or-treating, I'm bored anyways." he said, walking with Will up the stairs, Brynn Gave Dustin a sympathetic look, then followed behind Will and Mike.

At Mike's house...

"It's like... like I'm stuck." Will explained.

"Like, Like stuck in the Upside Down?" Mike asked.

"No." Will said. "You know on a View-Master, when it gets like..."

"Caught between two slides?"

"Yeah, like that. Like one sides our world and the other... The other slide is like the Upside Down." Will said. "There was also this noise, coming from everywhere... And then I saw something."

"The Demogorgon?" Mike asked.

"No." Will said.

"Something worse." Brynn stated, then kept silently listening to their conversation.

"It was like this huge shadow in the sky, only... it was alive... and It was coming for me."

"Is this all real?" Mike asked. "Or is it like the doctors say, all in your head?"

"I don't know... Just... Please don't tell the others, okay? Neither of you." Will said. "They wont understand."

"Eleven would." Mike sighed.

"She would?" Will asked.

"Yeah, she always did..." Mike said.

"Eleven... Who's Eleven?"

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