Chapter 31

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Bree left Ara to find their dorm room and if they were sharing while Ara sat in the hufflepuff room trying to figur out what the hell the sorting hat was talking about.

She was sitting infront of a peice of parchement and her quil was twirling in her hand as she thought what to write to Molly before Primrose came to get her

'Dear Molly,

The sorting was very...different to say the least,It sorted me into Slytherin!I couldn't believe it,I was so upset.And everyone was slightly scared of me because of my last name.I ate alone for most of the feast.

We have a new teacher that works with Sev,Her name is Professer Primrose Evans,She said she new my Mom and wants to see me later and tell me more about her!I'm so excited!

Anyways,Back to the feast,At the near end the sorting hat said it made a mistake,And called me back up,It said If I pick Gryffindore me and Harry Potter can fulfil this prophecy,But the path could lead to death,Or I could be in Hufflepuff and go my own way,It'll be harder and I'll have to face my darkest fears but I'll find someone that'll be really impotent to me,Something to do with my wand.

I chose Hufflepuff.

I'll be disowned by tomorrow when Draco tells Aunt Narcissa and I think the twins didn't seem upset and if they are,I wouldn't be able to tell.Oh and tell Ginny I said hi!

Hope to see you at Christmas?

Ara Lynx'

Ara bit her lip as she put down her quil reading her letter

"Excuse me?"A male voice says from behind her

Ara looks up slightly,Her hair in her face"Uh hello"

"I think you dropped this"He reaches into his pocket and hands Ara a necklase

"Oh,I didn't drop this I think Bree did,I'll give it to her"Ara swipes the hair from her eyes and gets a good look at the boy"Thank you"She smiles at him

He had sparkling green eyes and brownish gold hair,He had an amazing smile

"I'm Cedric Diggory"He smiles with pride

"I'm Ara Black"Ara grins

Cedric nods"I know,I was at the sorting"

Ara blushes"Oh right"

Cedric laughs as he sits beside her on the floor"Well welcome to Hufflepuff"

"Thank you"Ara grins as she rolls up her parchement"I don't think I saw you at the sorting"

"Well I-"

Cedric is cut off by"Ara Black?"

Ara looks up from Cedric to see another first year"Yeah"

"Professor Evans is waiting for you outside"

Ara nods as the first year year walks away she turns to Cedric"Hm,Well I'll give Bree the necklace,It was nice to meet you Cedric"

"Nice to meet you too Ara"He grins

Ara turns around blushing as she walks back up the barrel to see the red haired professor grinning"Why are you blushing Miss Black?"

"I'm not blushing!"Ara shakes her head knowing she was blushing

Primrose smirks"I'll take away house points"

Ara's eyes widen and then she scowls"I'm not blushing"

Primrose laughs"Alright well you can tell me later who he is"She looks at Ara"Why don't we owl your letter and talk on the way?"

Ara smiles"Ok!"

"So"Primrose starts"How did you end up with Snape"

"When my other got er kissed,Dumbledore brought me back here and he told Severus that he should take me and,I don't think it was a choice"Ara shrugs"Ever since then I've been with Professer Snape"

"Alright well"Primrose nods"I met your mother on the train here,She was sitting alone,And I left my sister when she started ranting about these boys she met,Annoyed I went found her"Primrose smiles

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