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hello! there was a request for a cinna imagine so here it is!!!

Having the love of your life work for someone as awful as Snow was never easy. The worry sat on my chest constantly, the anxiety of what will Snow do next.

I won my hunger games and the only thing I had to come back to was Cinna. He was the only thing keeping me off of the edge.

We grew close as time went on. We grew to love each other and even got married. It was a beautiful day. Cinna was heartbroken to not be able to design my dress for once. 

I wish I had let him. If I had known I was going to lose him so soon. We had barely started our lives together when he was killed.

They wrote it off as an accident. An issue at the arena.

I didn't believe it. I knew that Snow had to be involved. Snow had gotten even worse since Katniss had become such an icon. An icon for the rebellion. Cinna was a huge part in creating that image and helping push Katniss forward in the public eye.

I left the Capitol as soon as I got the news. I knew that if Snow was smart, I would be next.I found a way to get to District 13. Cinna and I had been hearing rumors of it for years. When I got there they were thankful for a victor. Someone who knew the games better than anyone else.

It was also when I got to District13 that I realized that my period was late. As soon as the thought crossed my mind I ran to the doctor.

She confirmed my suspensions that I was pregnant.

Pregnant with Cinna's child. Pregnant with a child who will never get to know their real father. It hasn't even been a week since I've been here but I've already fallen in the grove of things.

I'm afraid to stop moving so I've decided to through myself into District 13. When the other victors who came back from the arena I no longer had to do the promotional videos. Katniss took over that role.

People continue to look on me with pity. I don't know what to do with this child and this situation anymore. Since the other victors have come back I find myself with less to do and more time on my hands. More time to think which isn't always a good thing.

"We're running a covert mission tonight to hopefully get Peet's back." A man tells me.

"Good luck." I call out.

A group of soldiers hop in an aircraft and they leave headed to the Capitol.

They're gone for hours. I'm in the cafeteria when I hear all the hollering. I walk out to see Peeta thrashing and fighting to get free. He looks like hell. He hasn't even been gone that long but he definitely has a changed appearance.

"Miss (L/n) we need you to come with us." I'm ushered away by a soldier from the scene to an office room near mine.

"You can head right in." The unfamiliar man instructs before walking away.

I open the door and my heart almost can't take what's on the other side.


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