“Well, what is it?” he asked.

“The papers don’t leave my study,” I told them.

“Fine,” Sam said in agreement. Dean nodded as well.

I sighed heavily. What was I getting myself into?

“C’mon,” I said finally. Sam and Dean followed me down the stairs to the study. I passed Tori, who raised her eyebrows, questioning me, but I just shrugged.

Once inside the study, I shut the door behind me and made my way over to  an ornately decorated wooden chest that had been in the family for generations and that I’m pretty sure hadn’t left the house in nearly two hundred years.

“Here,” I said, popping it open and revealing the various contents within. Several crumbling, leather bound books sat on top, but underneath I could see many of mom’s handwritten notes. I hadn’t looked at this stuff in nearly two years. I felt a pang in my chest. It didn’t seem like it had been that long.

Longing started creeping up on me, but I dismissed it. I wouldn’t let myself get mixed up in it all again.

Sam and Dean kneeled in front of the trunk, taking out the books and papers.

“I’m going to get something to drink. Do you two want anything?” I managed to ask.

“Two beers, if you got ‘em,” Dean said. I nodded and left the room, closing the door behind me, then making my way to the kitchen.

Marcus was standing at the counter, cutting up vegetables for the soup he was making for dinner. I slid behind him to get to the fridge, and Marcus glanced up at me as I did so.

“How are things?” he asked.

“Fine,” I replied simply, grabbing three bottles of beer and shutting the door.

“I hope all of those aren’t for you,” Marcus joked.

“Nah,” I said. “One each for Sam, Dean and I.”

Marcus focused on the veggies in front of him for a moment before setting his knife down and turning to me.

“They’re both hunters, aren’t they?” he asked.

“Yeah, they are, why?” I asked, a bit concerned as to why he was asking.

“They’ve got that air about them. Tough guys in biker boots, driving an old Impala. It was a hunch, but it was a good one,” Marcus said.

I chuckled. Marcus was right. I hated to generalize male hunters but they were inda all the same. Collared shirts, boots, worn jeans, and a rugged look about them kinda just came with the job.

“Are you planning on hunting again?” Marcus asked slowly, gauging whether or not I would get upset by the question.

“Of course not,” I replied. “I’m just helping Sam and Dean out. I’m never going back to hunting,” I told him.

Marcus paused for a second. “You know, it would be okay if you did,” Marcus said quietly.

I nodded slightly. I didn’t know what to say to that. What could I say to that?

After an awkward silence that felt like eternity, I cleared my throat tentatively.

“I’d better bring them their beers,” I said.

Marcus nodded and I made my way back to the study. The boys were arguing when I opened the door.

“Dean, this could be a lead!” Sam said in exasperation.

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