Chapter Fourty-Five:

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Ruka (1)

"Maybe we should get some help!"

"No. He's my friend." I smiled at the sound of my sister's voice. "I'm perfectly capable of protecting him."

I watched as Zuko walked up the bridge that lead to my younger sister. "Well, aren't you a big girl now?"



I ran past Zuko and stopped at Katara's side. "Ruka!" I smiled, grabbing her hand and giving it a squeeze.

"How sweet. Now hand him over or I won't have to hurt either of you!"

Katara and I got into fighting stances, as did Zuko. Zuko kicked out a flame of fire to us then several flames from his fists. Katara swiftly blocked all of them then threw back Zuko with a harsh shot of water. I watched in shock.

How can I help her when she's the one that's helping me?!

"Ruka, I need you to go follow Princess Yue and protect her!"

"Who the hell is Princess Yue?!"

"The girl that was just here!"

"What about Aang?!"

"You can't move him! I've got him!"

"I can't leave you!"

"Go Ruka!"

I hesitated for a moment before I ran after the girl I saw earlier.

Once I saw her, I called after her. "Hey! Hey wait up!"

She stopped and turned around. "Who are you?"

"I'm Katara's sister, Ruka. You're Princess Yue, right?"

She nodded. "I was on my way to look for your brother."

I smiled, "Sokka? You know where Sokka is?!"

Yue nodded, grabbing my hand and continued to run. As we ran, I saw Sokka up ahead with Appa.

"Sokka!" I called. He turned and when he saw me, he smiled widely. Yue let go of my hand and let me run to Sokka.

Sokka and I embraced in a tight hug and I felt at home. I pulled away and smiled up at him.

"I'm so sorry to ruin your reunion, but Katara is in trouble!"

I gasped, forgetting about my sister. "Zuko found them and him and Katara are battling right now!"

"Why aren't you with her?!" Sokka exclaimed. "Because she told me to go with her!" I pointed to Yue.

Sokka groaned, "Of course she did! She thinks she could do anything now because she's basically mastered her magic thingy!" 

"Katara's mastered waterbending...?"

Sokka placed his hand on my shoulder, "You'll learn too. C'mon, we got to get to them!"

We hopped onto Appa and with a yip-yip, we were on our way.


When we reached the oasis, my heart raced when I saw Katara alone. Zuko and Aang were gone.

Once we landed, we all stood up and hopped off Appa. "What happened?Where's Zuko?" Sokka asked Katara.

"He took Aang. He took him right out from under me." Katara said with a frown. I placed my hand on her shoulder. "Where did they go?" Sokka said softly.

Katara sat down to her knees, "I can't believe I lost him." I sat down beside her and put my arm around her, "Don't be so hard on yourself."

"You did everything you could. And now we need to do everything we can to get him back." Sokka said as him and Yue walked to Appa. "Zuko can't have gotten far. We'll find him. Aang's gonna be fine."

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