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Pen Your Pride

Chapter 12

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Devon's POV

I wake up with a feeling in my back of pure pain. The feeling after sleeping on two kitchen chairs from falling asleep at work really puts a kink in your back. Last night I stayed up re searching any other murders in this, or any other, state. To see if they are connected. But I've only found this one. Maybe they think we're easy, that we'll do anything for them, well technically they are right. But they must have a motive. How did they get so many people to go a long with them. How did they do this all with keeping their hands completely clean. Living a normal life. I doubt they do live a normal life but who knows. 

I slowly get up to see Ainsley sprawled out on the couch but Caleb no where to be found. I walk around the down stairs part of their house to search for her. Maybe they came in, maybe they took her. I wouldn't know for the life of me. I walk upstairs after checking everywhere. I run into Andriovich as I walk down the narrow hall. 

"Where are you going?" I ask him. He looks at me confused. 

"Downstairs, to get breakfast." He says bluntly. 

"There is non yet. I don't know where Caleb is." I said to him and his eyes pop open more. 

"Do you think they took her?" He asks. 

"Did you have dreams about them last night too? Is that why you're so on edge about it?" I ask him with my brow raised. 

"I wouldn't call it a dream. Aren't dreams supposed to be good?" He asks and I nod. "Well then this was a nightmare that could scare away any other nightmare out there." He says shakily. 

"Okay, well on that creepy note.. You check her room I'll check Kat's." I say to him and he nods in agreement. We go to the different room and before I have the chance to look into Kat's room he comes out and says that she isn't there. I grasp the door knob and open the door to see Kat and Caleb cuddling in the race car bed. An runs in beside me and goes to the bed and shakes Caleb which wakes up Kat. 

"When did Kat come back?" He asks her almost tearing up with seeing his little sister back. 

"AN!" Kat yells to him and tackles him with a hug. "I've miss-ed you kitty!" She says to him with her cute little voice that echoes throughout the house. I hear a door open over to the side and I see Louis run in with only his boxers on. "Lou-lou!" She yells and crawls over Andriovich to see Louis. "Lou-lou!" She says and starts chanting it over and over as she bounces up and down in the hug that he keeps her tight in. 

"She was left unconscious on the door step late last night." She tells us. 

"Why didn't you wake us?" Louis asks her in his most angry tone that he could have while still being completely happy. 

"I didn't want to wake Kat up, you know, have her truamatized more by waking up on the front porch instead of her own bed." She say to them keeping the best interests for Kat in mind. You can tell how much she care for her family. She tries to keep them all happy while keeping herself happy. You can tell by the way she looks to Louis that she feels completely horrible for not taking his best interests at hand. 

"Well at least she's home." Louis says in respond. "Do you remember anything that happend?" He asked her with worry laced in his voice. 

"Breakfast first, silly!"She says with a giggle and a smile that could brighten a room in any situation. "Kat hungry!" She says referring to herself in third person. 

"I'll make breakfast." I offer after staying silent this whole time. 

"I'll help." Caleb offers then we walk downstairs. 

I hear the soft pitterpatter of a child's feet on the hard wood behind us as we walk to the kitchen. Kat grabs the ingredients for pancakes I grab the supplies for the food and Caleb goes to wake Ainsley. 

I turn on the Grease Pandora station and footloose starts to play as we get all of the preparations for our food done and Ainsley starts to make it with her master chef skills. We make a whole bunch of pancakes and I find materials to make parfaits. I make six in little cups and place them around the table for everyone. When Ainsley is done with the pancakes and Caleb is done with the french toast I place them at the table and they start making eggs. I pick out the Peanut butter and raspberries and strawberries from the kitchen. Then I get the whipped cream and place it all on the table. Once they're done with the eggs Ekaterina make the table by putting the napkins and the silver wear in places that we would be sitting. I get the milk and orange juice out of the fridge and place it on the table a long side of everything else. 

"Kat, what would you like?" I ask her as she sits in her seat. She tells me and I place everything on what she wants.

We all sit at the table and eat in silence as Kat sings My Little Pony at the top of her lungs and swings her feet back and forth. I laugh at her and her little helplessness. As she eats as slowly as she does we all are impatient looking at each other with concern. Caleb leans closer to me. 

"We've never had her watch My Little Pony." She says to me and I hear the level of concern. That she might've been treated so kindly she didn't pay attention to anything. She just let herself relax. We'll never know what really went on. 

Once she was done she lead us all into the living room for what she called 'story time' We all wondered what might've happened to her, if she was tortured, if she was treated like a queen. No one knows. 

"Okay, everyone comfortable?" She asks sweetly. 

"Yes we are." Andriovich was the only one to answer as he lays on his tummy looking up to Kat. 

"Okay, this is the story of what happened while I was gone." She says and clears her throat longly and loudly. "Once upon a time there was a little girl named Ekaterina. She never did anything to anyone but since she didn't she got punished for it. Evil men came and took her away and made her cry until she couldn't anymore. She was in a dark white van for hours and hours. She didn't know where she was going because there were no windows in the back. Not even seats. When they finally stopped she got pulled out of the van into a pretty garage filled with stuffed animals and bean bag chairs. There were pictures of her sissy and her sissies friends. They were plastered on the wall to keep her company. There was a TV in the room to keep her entertained but she just couldn't stop crying because she didn't know where she was. The men whipped her with their whips right across the back to make her to be quiet. The put on a TV show called My Little Pony to keep her quiet. She was watched by a big man in the corner. I call him tubby tub because he was fat. He smelled bad too. But once the girl became tired tubby came and punched her hard in the head and that's all she could remember." She says with a frown at the end. 

"Kat, if you saw the man again, could you tell us who he is?" I asked her and she nodded her head furiously. 

"Tubby tub isn't someone I would forget." She says to us. "He was mean." She says and then smiled keeping the bad stuff out of her mind. 

And on cue there was a knock at the door. Kat walked over to the window and looked out without the man knowing. She started to whimper and then whispered to us. "He's here." Her eyes were full of tears as she stepped back from the window in terror. 

I Walk over to the door and look out. I step back with horror in my eyes. I couldn't understand why this was happening to me. Why did they choose to pick on me. The man who stood out there. I know him more than I want to know him. I know him from those horrible years of my life and I regret not killing him when I had the chance. 

"It's my dad." I say to the in a whisper and step farther back from the door. Farther back from my childhood that screams back to me through the door. It's all a horrible mistake. A horrible mistake is what I tell myself. But I know it's not. 

My father is working for them. 

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