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Pen Your Pride

Part 7

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    “Can you not defeat the Dark Lord's Empire for us?”

  “That sounds too big a job for us,” said Biggs as he shook his head.

  “Well that’s the job I need doing, take it or leave it,” said the visitor.

  “I think we’ll leave it,” said Alf.

  “Oh,” said the visitor, “I think I'll leave now,” she turned and started to leave.

  “Hold on a minute,” said Trelainne, “if we are supposed to right wrongs etc, then shouldn’t we give it a try?”

  The visitor stopped and smiled a little.

  The others looked slightly ashamed.

  “My name is Lelu Oranginia, I am a princess...”

  “Well, so are we,” chimed Arianne and Trelainne.

  The three of them all started gabbling and chattering at once.

  “Oh no,” said Arthur, “another princess, as if two wasn’t enough.”

  When things had settled down Arthur called a meeting round the round table in his ready room.

  “Now please explain to us, princess Lelu, how do you think we should go about defeating the Dark Lord's Empire?”

  “Well his empire is mainly a business empire. The planets he controls are through his business deals, the leaders are scared he will ruin them financially. If we could hit his finances in some way then it may release his hold on the ten or so planets that owe allegiance to him.”

  “How did he get so powerful so quickly in this dimension?” asked With. 

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