Day 296

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Hey everyone, or should I said “dear diary” but nah,what if somebody can tell my story when I die old,or die eating too much food,or disappear to nowhere.

So hi everyone! today is 296 working at McDonald and the payment is good,well.....because I been working and doing overtime all the time,sometimes employees don't come to work,be late to work,or either sick so yeah. I work at McDonald doing different roles.
I be at Table (making the meals for the consumers) grill cooker(cooking the food products at the grill,egg cooker to cook the round eggs and folden eggs,the toaster to toast the buns,egg mcmuffin,Bagels. The oven to bake the cookies,pies,pancakes etc,and the important job of cooking is the fryer,to cook fries,mcchicken,fish,crispy chicken,and the mcnuggets.) And service (I REALLY DON'T LIKE SERVICE,because consumers will get mad at you for no reasons sometimes and in a rush to get their food and go work)

So that all the roles I can do at work. Consumers have problem ordering their freaking food.
Like this one time this guy came and was like “Can I get ummmmmm”Like what the heck mate,think about what you going to buy before you go to place to eat,and we have people coming in and adding more food for their foods and that stuff give me and workers problems,well me sometimes,I be alone in the back gotta get the food ready but it hard when it one guy alone trying to 56 orders done and it a pain in the ass.But I not the only one who be on table and grill by myself,a guy named Robert do the same as me and he can handle it.

Before I say anymore words,some of you may ask“why not quit?”That because I can't and I love working there event if it is a pain the ass most of the times,I love working,and working hard. I am a hard worker and I also work on my day off if I have to,I love to help keep the place running everyday. McDonald is a great job to me. Working there can give you a pain in the feet but you will handle it when you work there more.

Dear followers,girls,students who is my diary,or listening to me,McDonald is a great choice for a job you need in life,BTW you are a student and need the money for college, McDonald will pay it for you guys,free money,free college and money for you by working at McDonald.
If there a McDonald near you and you need a job,APPLY TODAY AND GET HIRE,after you apply, check your gmail or email every hour,everyday so you can know that you can get hire,and that all I can do and tell you guys for now,I must go now and get ready for another working day for McDonald.


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