Chapter 27: Everything Never Happened?

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(y'all are going to hate me after this chapter.)

"Good morning!" I cheer running down the stairs and jumping on Noah who was sitting on the couch. "Good morning sunshine." He says pushing me to the ground and changing the channel to the tv.

"I have a abusive boyfriend. Why can't you love me?" I ask looking up at him from the floor. "Well at least they aren't a cringey couple." Jason sighs.

"I like cringey couples, they are adorable." Aaron says. "Sometimes I feel that you are gay." Damson says. "Same." Aaron says eating Cheetos, David grabs some from beside him on the couch.

"Okay then..." Damson says trailing off. "So what are y'all doing today?" I ask.

"Ignoring you." Damson says smirking at me. "Rude." I say. "I'm watching tv all day." David says. "I am going to gain a few pounds." Daniel says. "What!? That's so boring! We should all do something together! As a happily" I say standing up.

"No." Everyone says. "What why not?" I pout crossing my arms. "Because nobody wants to deal with your annoying ness today!" Jason says.

"Did you all wake up on the wrong side of the bed today? I mean seriously..." I say glaring at everyone. "No we just don't feel like doing anything today." John says.

"John shut up." I say. "Wow! What got into you?" Noah asks. "I don't know. I think y'alls grumpyness has rubbed off on me today." I say standing in front of Noah so he can't see the tv.

"You can stand in front of me all you want cuz I get a clear view of your butt." He says, I turn around and gasp. "How dare you!" I say. "Yes! How dare you! Don't worry Thalia I will do this for you." Aaron says standing next to me and in front of the tv.

"Aaron, move your flat butt." Noah says rolling his eyes, Aaron gasps. "Don't talk about it!" He says running over to the couch and sitting back down.

"Come!" I say grabbing Noah's hand and pulling him out of the house then letting it go. "Where are we going?" He asks. "I don't know, somewhere." I say putting my jacket on.

"I know just the place." Noah says holding my hand. A few minutes of walking we made it to a cafe. We walked in and sat in a booth after ordering and getting our food.

"This is really good." I say bitting one of my fries. "I know right." He says smiling and wiping some ketchup off of my face. I stick my tongue out and he does the same.

After leaving and going to the park for a few hours we started walking home. "Sooo Tell me more about yourself." I say yawning. "Okay...what would you like to know?" He asks.

"Well-" I start but my head bangs. "Ow." I say. "Are you okay?" Noah asks stopping. "Yeah, I think so." I say holding my head. "Thalia!" Noah yells...then it went black.

A loud ringing noise feels my ears. It sounds like the school bell. I yawn and sit up, looking around. What the heck? I'm in the nurses office...?

"Thalia? Thalia are you alright?" The nurse asks. "Uhhhh...yeah. What do you mean? Why am I here? Where is the gang? Damson? Everyone?" I ask.

"Gang? You must have fell pretty hard..." Shaw mutters. "Excuse me? Lady?" I ask waving my hand in her face. "Oh were in gym and you took a nasty fall. The back of your head had started to bleed, as well as your nose." She says.

"So what are you saying? Where is everyone? Where's Noah?" I ask freaking out and scared. "Noah? You mean the boy that brought you here? He just put you on the bed and walked straight out. Honey are you okay? You need to calm down." She says putting her hand on my head.

"No, I'm not fine! I don't understand where I am! How do you explain the gang?...Me being kidnapped?!" I ask yelling a little.

"Kidnapped? Gang? What? You must have been dreaming or something. I don't really know what you mean sweetie." She says sympathy in her eyes.

"Does that mean I'm going to go home later?" I ask, tears feeling my eyes. "Well, yes, of course. Would you like me to call your mom to come pick you up?" She asks.

"No. I'm fine." I say laying down on the bed, staring at the ceiling. Please wake up, please don't let all of that be a dream. Please...please. Make this a dream, let me wake up.

Please don't end like this.








And Jason I guess...

Don't let it end like this...

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