51 - Feeling Faint

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Nat fell to her knees, crumpling forward. She caught herself with her hands, bent double over the floor, crimson pooling beneath her as the wound gaped open.

Her head swam, feeling faint.

You stupid girl. What were you thinking, coming here. 

Bravery had brought her here, a bold resolution of action -- but what had she expected? She was no hero. She was a coward, meek and cowering, too weak to fight back against cruel words, much less this unexpected violence. 

Someone was yelling. She couldn't make out the words. Someone was crying. Maybe it was Liam. It might have been her. Her ears still rang from the sound of the gunshot, deafening in the confined space of the house. The pulse in her ears crowded out all other sound.

Her gaze did not stray from the dark blood puddling up beneath her. Her mind was a cloud of pain.

Darkness slid behind her eyes. A hazy, disconnected feeling overtook her consciousness, severing it like scissors through a cord. Untethered, her eyesight faded; the ringing in her ears rose to a deafening rush, like the sound of the ocean.

The pain was absolute, and then it was gone. She felt nothing at all.

Distantly, peripherally, she was only barely aware of the three more shots fired into the dark.

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