Nishikino Maki x Delinquent! Tomboy! Female! Reader

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"I don't care" I passed across her but before I could completely exit the bathroom she talked again.

"Don't cut it" I faced her, but she was still looking forward.

"Why would you care?" I replied, exiting the bathroom but before I could completely disappear I could hear her again.

"Just saying"

My room was beside Umi's room so before I could get to my bedroom, her door opened and she appeared from there.

We just looked at each other; the she just passed from me without saying a word and went looking for the red-headed I suppose since she is going to the bathroom.

I entered my room and launched the scissors to a wall. They just nailed into it and I started to breath heavily because of the frustration.

Haven't you felt this way? Like the happiest of days just went away and no matter what you, they will never come back.

I remember how we used to play, how we used to dance together and practice kendo together in our previous school. I have changed and because of that she avoids me, I'm not the girly person she wants me to be, I won't be that person since I don't like being like that.

She changed me for other people, her idol group is always with her, I'm just here, the leader of the gang which will never bring me the happiness that I seek. They see me as only a leader, a boy in a girl's body, someone they could never fall in love, that they could never see as someone you can pass your whole life with. Do you know how frustrating that is?! Everyone wants you to be different, to act according what they think, they want to control you and use you because you are their reflection.

I'm just seeking to be happy...

Is that so much to ask for?

Time skip: Next Day. Classes Ending

I am here, in an "abandoned" classroom while seated in a desk in the middle of it with two other men at my sides.

Then, someone entered, calling my attention.

"Boss" Brown haired boy with the same color as his eyes, having the male's Japanese typical uniform approached me, I know him since I entered this school, Maiko. "There's someone in the entrance of the school, she says that she knows you"

"She?" I have no contact with other girls, they are all afraid of me.

"Red-hair, purple eyes, she is wearing Otonokizaka's uniform" That girl?! What is she doing here?! We are in a complete different space than Otonokizaka is, if she stays there, then I can't guarantee her safety.

"Follow me!" I ran out of the classroom, the three boys following me, a little surprised because of my hurry.

This school has more than one gang, one of them hates me. If they get to know that she is searching for me then she is going to be in a big trouble.

Finally in the entrance, I could see that red-haired, surrounded by different males, trying to touch her or to talk with her, between those males, there he is the leader of The Crows, and twin brother of Maiko.

"Hands off her!" I attracted their attention and passed between them, dragging the red-headed out of there. She kept forcing until we got into an alley and I just pushed her inside of it, blocking any exit as it was covered by the other side. "Do you have any idea of the situation you are into?!"

"What situation?!" She replied with anger, arranging her uniform.

"What were you doing there in the first place?!" I ignored her question, the feeling that was surrounding me is desperation, I dragged her into a very dangerous situation!

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