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Let's sail Fleet!

Umi's Sister in this one too, didn't put in the title because it was going to be long, amber eyes and your last name is Sonoda.

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Warning: Blood, Insults and other things that can affect the sensibility of the reader.

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Won't Be Her Knight

Your POV

One would think that being born under the same last name as a very popular idol and being the daughter of two respected people in the city, thanks to the dojo they both manage, will be a gift, that you will be the one of the best students in the city. They are wrong.

I don't even talk with my sister anymore, she went to Otonokizaka, leaving me behind, breaking the promise that we will be together forever. My parents, seeing my lack of grace or a feminine attitude, decided to enroll me in other school, specialized in sports and such but that school also had different gangs inside it. They were warned, but they didn't care as long as I could excel in something, just as my sister.

My sister, Sonoda Umi, even though we are the same age she is an elite. She excels in traditional practices, such as kendo, archery or traditional dance, she excels in school, so much more than I do and she is diligent and kind, there is not a day that I'm not compared to her.

I still used the girl's uniform as my parents always marked me to do, but that's it. Underneath the school skirt I wore short leggings, the uniform is a sailor uniform, the only thing that distinguished us from other grades was our shoes, same colors as Otonokizaka for dividing, at the front of it. I haven't cut my hair yet, I'm thinking of it as my "activities" demanded it, but I love my hair so much.

You may wonder what my activities are; I'm the leader of the school. One of the most powerful gang in Tokyo is in my school, and I'm its leader.

Now, I'm here, in front of my bathroom's mirror with scissors in my right hand, wearing my uniform as the classes just ended.

Should I do this?

I grab my hair and put it in front of me, aligning the scissors with it. With my hand trembling a little I approached the scissors and I was about to close them until someone barged into the bathroom.

This girl, she had the most beautiful eyes I have seen, her hair was shining, even though we were indoors with no source of light, her appearance, as well as her body was something from another world, but she wore Otonokizaka's first year uniform, she is younger than me and she looks like a girl that was born under a golden mantle.

She passed from my face and followed my arm until she stopped and looked my hand with the scissors. I reacted and completely faced her and hid the scissors in my back.

What is she doing here?! Did my sister bring her here?!

As long as I remember, she only brings Honoka and Kotori, I didn't have the idea that she got more friends, she really just avoids me!

"Who are you?" I asked with a harsh tone, usually that scared most of the people but she seemed rather calm.

"You have to say it first" She answered, crossing her arms.

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