Happy or Sad Endings

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The teacher wrote something on the board. Then underlined it. "Happy Endings. Sometimes that character or characters deserve it. But sometimes they don't. Can someone please tell me what is wrong with these words?"she asked. She waited. No one raised their hand. Or said anything. "Ok. Dennis. What is wrong with this word?"she asked a boy. Knowing he wasn't paying attention.

"Nothing. It's good. Happy endings"he shrugged. She smiled. "Wrong. "She circled the word happy. "There is something wrong. Happy"she said. Everyone looked at each other with confusion. "Let me ask you all something. There is a girl. She's around your guys age. And this girl has a perfect family. Amazing friends. And a great boyfriend. But she feels something inside of her. It feels like a void. What kind of ending does this girl deserve?"she asked. Everyone raised their hand.

"Emma"the teacher pointed. "A happy one. She's already perfect. Make her more perfect "she smiled. "Ok. Dennis"the teacher asked the boy again. "Happy"he answered. The teacher looked around. "Ethan. "She said. "Happy"he nodded. She let out a sigh. "Noel"she pointed to me.

I thought about it for a second. "See I like how Noel is thinking. She isn't just saying happy right away"the teacher smirked. "Sad"I said. She nodded. "Why?"Ethan asked. "Noel. Please explain why she does need a sad ending"the teacher sat in her chair. Letting her students take over. Waiting to be amused.

"Because not all people want happy endings. A sad ending might be a happy ending to her. As a happy ending would be a sad one"I said. He shook his head. "But she deserves to be happy and what would her sad ending be?"he asked. "She would choose. Maybe by dumping her boyfriend. Never talking to her family again. Or simply killing herself"I shrugged. "And that's happy?"he asked. I smirked. "Could be for some"I said.

"Ok. That's enough. Now time for the project "the teacher stood up. "A project. Really Miss Defree"Dennis whined. "How about me and you discussed this after class. Ok young man "she smiled. He groaned. "Now on to the project. I want you to create a character. And create a beginning for her. Tell her life in one short story. Then when it comes to the Ending. You decide how it ends. "She smiled. Someone raised their hand. "Joey"she pointed. "Does it have to be a girl?"she asked. "No. Create whoever you like. Tell their story. And create their ending"she said.

Everyone nodded. This was an easy project. "Now since I am your last class. And I know the other teachers aren't to harsh on homework. This project is due. Let's say......three weeks. Since it's Monday. On the third week. It will be due on Friday. So today's January 1. So it's due on the 19"she said. Then everyone started to pack up. "I do suggest that you guys don't half ass this. It's a good grade. And some of you are failing. So work"she said. Everyone laughed. As some people were walking out the door she yelled again. "And don't wait and do it the day before. Don't be that person". More people laughed.

I gathered my stuff and set my laptop in my bag. I started walking to my room. Then Emma walked up to me. "I love this class"she smiled. I nodded. "Me to. So. Miss Defree and Mr. Illy"I smirked. She laughed. "I knew they would be good together. All the other teachers are complete douches. But not those two"she stated. "Yeah"I smiled.

"God what am I gonna do for that project. I don't know what to write"she whined. I laughed. "Same"I said. We made it to our dorm room. "Please bitch. You trouble. You can write shit. I cannot"she flopped on her bed. I set my bag on my desk.

"So did you and my brother do the deed?"I asked. "Nope. Saving myself for marriage "she smirked. I laughed. "What?"she asked. "You do realize you can only say that when your a virgin. You my friend. Aren't. And haven't been. Since...when was it. Seventh grade"I said.

"It was sixth"she corrected. "Really? Who?"I asked. "Jeffery Haten. Hot bastard"she smiled. I nodded. "Well are you gonna be here while I try to think. Or are you leaving?"I asked. "I'm leaving. I got a date with Joey"she got up. "His name is Joel"I smirked. "He won't let me call him that. And he keeps telling me to call you El"she said. I took a deep breath. "Just some stupid nickname he called me when we were kids. I always hated it. Just call me by my real name. Noel "I smiled. She shrugged. "Well I got to go. See ya"she walked out the door. Closing it. I shook my head and sat in my desk chair. I got my laptop out and turned it on. And I waited for an idea.

I found myself sitting in that same spot for three hours thinking. Then more hours went by. Then when Emma got back it was 11. And when she went to sleep it was 12:30. I just stared at my screen. I didn't know what to write.

Until finally at 2 a.m. It came to me. I smiled and started writing.

A girl named Leo Gever.

I nodded. "Ok. Now time to tell her story in a short story"I said. "Noel for the love of god turn that damn thing off. And sleep. Please"Emma said. I laughed. "Ok fine. "I said. I tuned it off and went to bed. I nodded to myself as I got in bed. Wondering what this characters story will be. Then as I started to drift off to sleep. I knew exactly what I was gonna write.

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