Episode 2: The Toy

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Jungkooks POV
"It's just soo annoying that I got dumped," I said in a childish voice.

"Jeon Jungkook!? Down because of a girl? Because of the game or because you liked her, liked her?" Yoongi hyung said with a smirk.

"Meee?! upset because of a girlllll?!" I said draging the 'l' of girl. "Impossible! I'm just annoyed that my toy just broke before I was done playing with it, that's all," I said immediately defending myself.

"Then go find a new one to play with! Stop moping around. Alright, you hear me because I'm only telling you this once," I nodded to what Yoongi hyung had just told me."Good, now shut the fuck up so I can sleep!" he said shouting at me. I knew he was right but I wanted to break her. She shouldn't just be able to walk away unharmed. I didn't get to play my game.


It was finally the end of class when I was walking down the halls to go home. I was looking down with my ear-buds in. While I was walking suddenly I crashed into a small girl.

"Yahh, watch where you're going!" I scolded the person who had just ran into me. She blushed before speaking.

"I...I'm so s..sorry Jeon Ju..Jungkook." The girl stuttered out while looking at the floor.

"Ah whatever just watch where you're going next time!" I yelled once more as I walked away.


The next day I get to school a hour early—like I usually do—to talk to my hyungs before school.

"So Jungkook have you got your next toy?" Jimin asked me very curiously.

"Yes I do, but I don't know her schedule," I told him.

"Ask Namjoon hyung, he knows everyone's." he told me.

"What about me?" we heard Namgoon Hyung ask us.

"oh I was just telling Jungkook how you know everyone's schedule," Jimin hyung told Namjoon Hyung while smiling.

Namjoon hyung quickly replied with, "Indeed I do, so who's do you want to know?"

"Her name is Min Y/n," I tell him. I see his face change with a different emotions.

"Whaaa, why her?!" both my hyungs cry out as they recognize who I was talking about.

"BecaUse she's my new toy.. Duh." I reply at them as if they are retarded. I know she's not the best looking but she's the easiest thing right now.

"But why her? Why not someone more cute?" Jimin hyung complains.

"She's a good choice, I heard she likes you." spoke a deeper voice that has not been in the conversation. All of us scream in shock. "AGHH!!! WHEN DID YOU GET HERE?" we all cried out as the person scared us.

"A couple of minutes ago," Taehyung hyung replies as if he did nothing wrong.

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