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And the original trilogy that kicked off the Shadow Wars is now finished.

Writing Necropolis 2 and especially 3 was kind of weird and somewhat daunting. When I actually began writing and posting Necropolis, I had already been toying around with it for a few years at that point. And I had no update schedule. It got so bad that I was updating like once every two weeks at one point.

When Necropolis 2 and 3 came out, there was a lot more expectation. So not only was I committing to updating three times a week, but I was having to come up with brand new stuff. I hadn't planned on writing these two novels. So that was kind of scary. Considering all that, and my own abilities at the time...I guess it all came out fairly decently. I mean, I think. I don't really know.

Probably my favorite part of the whole trilogy was when Cage showed back up. Writing that whole chapter was pretty fun. In a grim kind of way.

So, don't get too upset, but the next book is not a follow-up to Necropolis 3. For the next three books, we aren't going to hear from Greg and Kyra. The next novel, Absolute Zero, is a stand-alone title that takes place in a different part of the galaxy and introduces two new characters. But we will absolutely follow up with Greg and Kyra again in Book Seven.

I hope you liked Necropolis 3, and wanted to thank you for reading.

See you in Absolute Zero!

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