Another tag i was tagged in and im bored so heres a tag

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Tagged by MuffinCrumbz

1. Do you like someone?
Um.. my boyfriend. So yeah

Do they like me?
Um.. i would hope so.

Middle name?
Lynn. I'm pretty sure everyone knows that.

Single or taken?

Last person I texted?
MuffinCrumbz  actually. And that was almost an hour ago. I have no friends.

Last song i listened to?
There's a Good Reason These Tables are Numbered Honey, You Just Haven't Thought of it Yet. By Panic! At the Disco (I'm not sorry)

Battery Percent?
28% (and charging)

Girl best friend?
Oh god friends? Ok um..
Probably Courtney (even though she doesn't fucking follow me)
And Megan (doesn't have wattpad)
And Jyllian (also doesn't have wattpad that i know of)
And the sexual eggs obvi (half of these people don't actually like me so like...

Guy best friend?
Does my boyfriend count? If not then probably Justin but i think he's just using me for a good grade in pottery tbh

Favorite ship?
100% Destiel. I'm sorry but phan is second...

Why i made my account?
Well i was at Caroline's House one night and i was going to prove to her that 90% of phan fiction was smut and i looked it up online and ended up reading a real fanfic for 9 hours straight and then she was like there's a lot on wattpad and i was like oh ok and then i was addicted for a while...

Current lock screen?
A picture of Kovu Kingsrod (one of my favorite people on the Internet)

May 31, 2003

I just realized i didn't number those. I also realized i don't care.

I tag..

I don't have other friends so deal with it...

Also i know i haven't updated anything in a long time and I'm really sorry but I've had so much shit to do for school and i will probably update sometime this week but don't count on it tbh.

Stay alive for me<3

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