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dacre walked down the hall to isabella's apartment door turning the handle only to find it locked

"damnit i told him to leave it unlocked"
dacre mumbled pulling out his phone calling joe

joe asked answering the phone

"you didn't leave the door unlocked"
dacre laughed

"oh yeah"
joe replied hanging up & opening the door

"thanks mate"
dacre said walking inside

"mhm good to see you again. she's still asleep you can go wake her"
joe said shutting the door

dacre nodded walking to bella's room. he smiled seeing her crouching down beside her

"bella wake up"
he mumbled in her ear

isabella groaned turning away from him. he laughed standing up flopping on her

"i did not fly for over 10 hours for you to sleep"
dacre said kissing her temple

isabella's eyes shot open turning a bit gasping with a smile

"holy shit"
she said wrapping her arms around dacre's neck

"happy birthday baby"
he smiled kissing her

"thank you"
she said when they pulled away

"i also got you some flowers"
dacre said leaning over & grabbing the bouquet of yellow roses

"just like when we first met. are you tryna make me cry montgomery"
isabella asked laughing

"is it working"
he asked with a smirk

"shut up"
she laughed

joe said running in flopping on isabella & dacre

"i love being able to breathe"
isabella said sarcastically

joe laughed sitting up

"you to dacre"
isabella laughed pushing dacre off

"damnit joe you ruined the moment"
dacre said laughing as well laying next to isabella

joe shouted

"is who dating"
dacre asked

"oH MY GOD NEVER MIND by the way bella i made you breakfast"
joe said standing up

"thank you"
isabella laughed

joe nodded walking out of her room. isabella & dacre got up & walked to the kitchen

isabella heard once she & dacre heard entered the room. she looked around to see the whole cast even david.

isabella shouted with a laugh hugging david

david shouted back hugging the girl

"so wait is there breakfast or was that just a lie to get me out here"
she asked

"i wouldn't joke about breakfast with you"
joe said bringing her a plate

they all sat in isabella & joe's living room watching a movie. isabella yawned leaning her head on dacre's shoulder.

dacre whispered putting an arm around her

"i know right"
she whispered back

natalia yelled

isabella & dacre laughed looking at each other

"i thought it was so obvious"
isabella said

"when you two are weird so"
finn glared

"that's so sweet"
dacre said sarcastically

natalia yelled hugging them

"how long are you staying for dacre"
millie asked

"like three weeks"
dacre replied

"damn i didn't know that"
isabella said looking at him

"uhh surprise"
dacre asked smiling at her

isabella laughed shaking her head turning back to the tv. dacre kissed her cheek also turning his attention back to the movie

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