The story of Sophie Higgins!!!

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The start of Sophie's life wasn't so bad, she had a caring mum and a nice cottage they lived in a small village in

Cornwall called wood stone. Sophie was 4 when it happened, her mum got ill with a terrible

disease. and sadly 2 years later she died. Sophie had just started school but she had no family that

she knew about so she could no longer go to school she moved into the local orphanage called Mrs.

Granger's orphanage for girls. She was a strict, stubborn woman who didn't seem to like any of the

children there.  One plus side was she had a dear friend called Eleanor Parks they got on well and

shared a room together. when Sophie's mum passed away she was too young to understand so

she never thought about her really. One day a young couple came to the orphanage to adopt 2

youngish children. this was Sophie's chance to escape when they came the first 2 they came to

were May and Polly the show offs it wasn't much of a surprise really but later on they changed there

mind and they chose Sophie and Elle they were very lovely people and within the next 2 weeks they

had moved in they had a lovely life after that and every thing seemed to be going very well and when

Sophie and Elle were 10 the couple had a child of their own and they called her jo-ann.



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