Chapter 014: Episode #3

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    Will and Brynn sat in their room, Will was drawing and Brynn was playing with a Rubix Cube. Jonathan came in the room holding movies.

"Hey guys, I didn't know what you'd like, so I got a variety. Take your pick, whatever you want." He said, putting the movies on a small shelf. "What are you working on?" He asked, glancing at Will's picture.

"Zombie Boy? Who's Zombie Boy?"

"Me." Will said, Brynn sighed.

"Did someone call you that?" Jonathan asked.

"Some Losers put it on a piece of paper and shoved it in his locker." Brynn said.

"They did?" Jonathan asked, Will just kept coloring his picture. "Hey, you can talk to me. You know that, Right? Whatever happened. Will, come on, talk to me."

Brynn sat up, remembering what the doctor said. 'Don't pressure him to talk.'

"Stop treating me like that." Will said. Brynn started to get worried. 'He could lash out.'

"What? Like what?"

"Like everyone else. Like there's something wrong with me!"

"What are you talking about?" Jonathan asked, his questioning starting to get on Brynn's nerves.

"Mom, Dustin, Lucas, Everyone."

"Not me!" Brynn whispered, laying down on her stomach and fiddling with the cube some more.

"They all treat me like I'm gonna break. Like I'm a baby, Like I can't handle things on my own. It doesn't help, It just makes me feel like more of a freak." Will said.

"You're not a freak."

"Yeah, I am." Will retaliated. "I am."

"You know what? You're right." Jonathan said. "You are a freak."


"No I'm serious, you're a freak. What? Do you want to be normal? Do you wanna be just like everyone else? Being a freak is the best. I'm a freak."

"Is that why you don't have any friends?" Will asked, Brynn had to hold back a laugh.

"I have friends."

"Then why are you always hanging out with me?" Will asked.

"Because you're my best friend, all right? And I'd rather be best friends with Zombie boy than with a boring nobody, You know what I mean?" Jonathan said. "Okay look... who would you rather be friends with, Bowie or Kenny Rogers?" Brynn and Will both made 'ugh' noises.

"Exactly, There's no contest. The thing is, nobody normal ever accomplished anything meaningful in this world."

"Well... Some people like Kenny Rogers."

"Kenny Rogers? I love Kenny Rogers!" Bob said, coming to the doorway of the bedroom. Bob was Joyce's new boyfriend, he was pretty nice, and promised not to tell anyone else about Brynn and what she can do. "Mr mom, Perfect!" He said, picking up the movies. He drug all of the kids into the living room to watch the movie. The adults loved it, but the kids were not so amused, Brynn was just happy to have a family that she could remember. In the middle of the movie the phone rang, causing Joyce to jump.

"Hey, just leave it, probably just a prank call." Bob said. "Let it go."

    Soon the movie was over, and everyone went to sleep. Brynn had a bad feeling about something, like something was going to happen, but she brushed it off and went to bed.

"Goodnight Will." She said, turning the light off with her mind.


Later that night...

    Brynn woke up to a sound coming through the house. She hung her head off of her bunk to peek onto Will's, but he wasn't there. She sat up and jumped off the bunk, using her powers when she lamded to make the thump quieter. She slowly tip-toed into the living room to see Will standing at the front door, staring outside.

"Will?" She asked, But he didn't answer. She went up to him and Put her hand on his shoulder, causing him to jump and turn around, then look back out the door, then back to Brynn.

"I... I saw-"

"I know... You don't have to tell me." Brynn said, pulling Will in for a hug. "Let's just go back to bed, we can tell your mom in the morning." She said, grabbing his arm and leading him back into their bedroom.

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