Chapter 10

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We finally got all of my things into my bedroom at my new apartment after two hours. Rhys runs through the hallway and flops on my bed with a loud sigh.

"I'm tired now!" She groans rolling around on the bed.

"Yeah? I'm hungry!" I jump on the bed and tickle her. She lets out a loud laugh and tries to push me away. She giggles when I blow in her ears and rub her sides with my fingers.

"W-Wade!" She tries to shout. I laugh loudly as I tickle her more. She puts her hands on my neck and pulls me down to her. I stop for a second and she flips us over. "Are you ticklish?" She asks. I shake my head, I am though.

She puts her hands on my shoulders as she leans forward on me. She looks at my smiling face for a long moment before putting her hands on my sides and rubbing. It doesn't make me laugh.

"I'm not ticklish!" I say. Well, not there anyway. She trails her hands to my armpits. "Ew. No. Not there." I inform her. She goes up higher to my neck and tickles and I burst out laughing. "Stop that!" I laugh.

She seems to be enjoying herself as she does so. After I get all laughed out she stops and puts her head on my collarbone and lets out a deep breath.

"I'm going to go get some water." She says smacking my thigh and then gets up. She winks at me and then goes out of the room. I watch as she goes with a smile. I want to kiss her. I want to kiss her. I want to kiss her. That's all I can think. Maybe she'll let me. I can only try...

When Rhys comes back into the room she has a water bottle and smiles at me. I beckon her toward me with a grin. She raises a brow as she sits down next to me.

"You're so beautiful, and nice." I whisper as I tuck a piece of hair behind her ear. I get close and press my lips against hers not being able to hold back any longer. She puts her hands on my chest and pushes me away. I go back for more but she pushes me back again.

"Wade! What are you doing?" She says scooting away from me. I let out a groan and throw myself face first into my pillow. She crawls on the bed toward me and puts her hand on my back. "Wade? Are you okay?" She asks. I turn my head to see her.

"No." I say. "No, I'm not." I put my head back into the pillow. She turns my body so I can look at her and she gives me a soft smile.

"Tell me what I can do to help." Rhys shows me her white teeth.

"Kiss me." I pout. She leans forward and presses a kiss on my lips. But I'm hungry for more. But at least I got a kiss.

"How about I give you one kiss a day?" She offers.

"How about you date me and see how it turns out?" I beg. She laughs and shakes her head.

"No." Then she gets up and takes another drink of her water. I can't help but feel rejected. I don't like that feeling. "We should put your room together." She says looking around, observing my white empty walls. A few boxes containing my things and a half made bed.

Then I hear the door open and close from the living room. I say thank you to God Because I want to take Rhys home so she doesn't see my rejected feelings.

"Well! You should go. I'll drive you home." I stand up and usher her out of my room. I hurry her out the door and into my car not saying anything to my roommate, Garret.

I start up the car and go to her house. "Wade? Are you mad at me?" She asks. Of course I am! She didn't even give me a chance! I let out a breath and give her a forced smile and pull to a quick stop in front of her house.

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