ch. 35




I could feel her, now calm, heartbeat from under my ear as I lay on her chest. Her hand had been running through my hair for so long now that I think she forgot that she was even doing it. My mind kept on drifting to how amazing it felt to have her here, right next to me after so long of not knowing whether or not she was ok.

The relief I felt when I saw Arabella was really indescribable. Seeing her standing there, shaken up, but still healthy was amazing. I was thinking it would be lucky if I was able to find her alive, finding her well was something I hadn’t let myself dream about for fear that it would never happen.

I found myself turning my head constantly just to be sure that she was still here. There were times when I was sure that I had heard the door turn but we were still in here seemingly unnoticed. I wasn’t sure how long we had been in this small room. It could have been hours or it could have been a mere thirty minutes. Time had seemed to stop and speed up both at the same time when I was with Arabella.

I felt more at peace than I had in months but at the same time I knew that the peace would all end very soon. There was no way that we could stay here for much longer but at the same time I didn’t know how to get out. Kara was the only one who knew that I was leaving although by now I am sure that more people will know where I had gone to.

When I first went to go look for Arabella I was sure that it wouldn’t be too hard to find where Orson was but I had spent weeks wondering around the country. It really was by chance that I had found out where this place was.

I had walked into a restaurant in an extremely small town hundreds of miles away from the capitol believing that I would never find this place. There were two men who were a little older than I was sitting drinking on the other side. The both looked more than a little drunk and were talking loud enough for the whole restaurant to hear them. When one of the said Orson I immediately followed them out of the restaurant. They were walking down a dark alley when they finally started talking about how they had just joined up to be part of the rebel group to over through the royal family.

It was actually pretty easy from then; I just went up to them and asked them if I could join too. They didn’t even question me; they just gave me an address for some guy’s place where you sign up. After making up some fake information all I had to do was follow the crowd straight to Orson’s.

“Arabella?” My voice was quiet but I still cringed as I bounced off the walls interrupting the quiet that had enveloped the room.

“Mmmhm?” She looked down at me with soft eyes.

I pushed myself up from off the ground so I was sitting up in front of her. I grabbed her hands and looked into her eyes knowing I would be able to see whether or not she was lying to me when I asked the question I was scared too. “You don’t look too bad, but please tell me that they didn’t hurt you.”

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