Something There

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Phillip closed the old photo album. He really missed the girl who became his sweet childhood memory, Girly alias Lady. "She must become a beautiful young lady with the warm heart now" he said as he put the album into the old rack again. If only i can meet her once again, I will be so happy, said Phillip in his mind.

Phillip take one of the Philosophy book and walked into his private garden. The private garden could be reached only by the door in his room. He used to relax his mind there if he is at home. The garden is inspirated by Lady's yard. There are many colourful flower and they all are beautiful. Sometimes, Phillip imagine that the little Lady was there, pouring water over the flowers.

Then, Phillip remembered about something. He take his smartphone and opened the social media app. He inputed "Alex Wegner Hodgson" on the searching tab. He really wanted to search Lady, but he does not know her fullname. At least, I can build up again my relationship with my childhood friend, Alex.

He found Alex on instagram but Alex's account was private. So, Phillip send him a following request. He also search Alex's name on twitter, but his twitter account was private too. Phillip could not see directly how Alex was, the things that Phillip wanted to know. He send Alex a following request again.

"Lady Verona Madeillene" Mr. Courtney took his student attendance on his final session. Lona immediately raised her hand, "Present!"

"Matthew Giodarno....Michellina Grand Hemsworth"


"Oh finally the class is over. I am dying because my phone is really really off. Has no battery left" Mischellina whispered to Lona.

"Me too....if only I brought power bank"

"Same, Madamoisele....sameee" said Mischelina while put all her things in the desk to her bag. "Let us go home" Mischelina yawned widely.


Arrived at home, Lona immediately charged the battery of her smartphone. She turned her phone on and checked if there were important messages that she had missed during the phone off. There were some group chats from her class which discussed about the midterm exam schedule. Also, she found a whatsapp chat from unknown number and with no profile picture who asked about Mischellina. Lona thought that this might be Joe, Mischelina's boyfriend, with his another number. As her knowledge, Joe often asked about Mischellina to her.


Hi, Lona. Could you tell
Mischellina to check her
phone, please? Tell her
that I had tried so many
times to contact her
<sent 14:40>

Sorry, my phone

was off and so did
Mischellina. Have she
contacted you back, Joe?
<sent 17:02>

No, she have not yet
Thank you, Lona
<sent 17:05>
Anw, this is Phillip
I got your number from
Joe when I was hoping
for my sister info from him.
<sent 17:05>
He said you have been so
helpful when he could
not contact my sister
at all
<sent 17:05>
LOL, does he take care
my sister that much till
you supposed this was
<sent 17:05>

Lona widened her round eyes and could not help smiling. She closed her face with her two hands.

"Oh My...never in my life be so happy just because receiving a chat" Lona never felt this way before. She was thinking about how she should respond Phillip. She did 'type and backspsace', thinking that 'this sentence is too flirty' when it was not flirty at all and 'this sentence is too cold' when it was as it is. Finally, she ended with the cold response. She did not think that she was in love with Phillip, but she acts weird like she used to do to her crush. She never knew how to behave towards her crush.

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