The meeting

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* Gregory was at the Sanctuary having a meeting with Negan. Everything is going normal until this beautiful woman walks in. She could be in her early 20s. She walks over to Negan*.

Hey daddy.

* Negan smiles and gets up to give her a hug. *

back already sweetie?

* She nods * mmhm. * she looks over to Gregory who's staring at her*

this must be Gregory.

* Negan chuckles* Lily meet Gregory, Gregory meet my wonderful daughter Lily.

* Gregory stutters* daughter I didn't know you have a daughter.

* Negan glares at him then looks back to Lily*

I need to finish up this meeting, why don't you grab some food I'll meet you downstairs.

* kisses her on the head *

Ok Dad. * waves to Gregory* it was nice meeting you. *  he watches as she leaves the room*

* Negan slams Lucille on the table causing Gregory to jump * back to work.

* while Negan is talking Gregory can't keep his mind off Lily*

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